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18th Century Venice

  1. Welcome and Introduction

    1. The Story and Information

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      We are a fluid timeline, play by post RP that centers around the life and times of the political demise of Venice. Inside you will find the premise and information you need to help you get started.

      1. Getting Started
      2. About Venice
      3. Board-wide Subplots
      4. Writing Tips and Tricks
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    2. Board Resources

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      Inside you will find a few tips and tricks on how to navigate our story and how to use our board. Please take a moment to read through the basic information and should you have any questions please feel free to ask.

      1. Navigating Memento Mori
      2. OOC Chatting and Contact
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    3. Announcements and Newsletter

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      Should things change or if we have exciting news to share, you will find it inside! It may be a good idea to have a look around just to see if a rule has changed or to catch up on the story.

      1. Beyond the Mask Newsletter
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    4. Questions and Concerns

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      If you have a question as a guest please feel free to state so here. Should you be afraid that we'll miss your question in the cbox, submit it here and we'll get to it as quickly as possible.

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  2. Character Creation & Development

    1. Wanted Ads

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      Not sure where your OC would fit? Perhaps try on a character listed inside first! This is the best and easiest way to get involved in the story, and if you have a character you would like someone to fill in post them here!

      1. Canon Characters
      2. Family
      3. Romance
      4. Other
      5. Filled Ads
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    2. Character Registration

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      Post your application here. The character application template is inside. Please don't feel you have to make it overly flowery or super detailed. Half the fun is showing your cards one by one!

      1. Claims
      2. Pending Applications
      3. Accepted Profiles
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    3. Plotting and Trackers

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      Plotters and timeline trackers go here. It makes it a lot easier on the international players to keep our plotting as much as we can on the board. There are so many time zones between us all that I would highly recommend checking your plotter often.

      1. Plotters
      2. Trackers
      3. Open Threads and Ideas
      4. Chronicles
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    4. In-Character Extras

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      Does your character have a letter to write? A journal they keep? How about any gossip to spread. Inside you will find the place for all of those in-character extras. Please read the pinned post about the gossip thread before posting.

      1. Correspondences
      2. Character Journals
      3. Gossip
      4. Those Muses
      5. Memories of the Past
      6. Time Lines & Family Trees
      7. NPC Characters
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  3. The Six Sestieri of Venice

    1. I. San Marco

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      The heart of Venice, San Marco is known for its power in both politics and intrigue. Home to the Saint Mark's Square, San Marco also is home to the governing body of Venice. With many churches and the Doge's Palace, this sestieri is well guarded.

      1. Riva degli Schiavoni
      2. Teatro la Fenice
      3. San Giorgio Monastery
      4. Piazza San Marco
      5. Doge's Palace
      6. Biblioteca Marciana
      7. Ospedale Grandi di San Marco
      8. Il Corvo Poco
      9. Palazzo Paruta
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    2. II. Castello

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      Also known as Isola d'Olivolo, Castello is home to the Venetian Arsenal where the mass production of galleys of every size helped create one of the strongest naval fleet. But what is that shadow on the horizon? A merchant fleet? Rumor has it that the revolution in France has turned its eyes on Venice.

      1. Collegio Flanginiano
      2. Santi Giovanni e Paolo
      3. Arsenale
      4. San Pietro di Castello
      5. Casa Della Scherma di Eberardo Pirozzi
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    3. III. Cannaregio

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      Overcrowded the buildings on Cannaregio are much higher and home to the Jewish Ghetto as well many working class homes and manufacturing buildings. Though the gates to the ghetto are locked and guarded during the evening, the streets are alive with the working class celebrating another hard earned day.

      1. Isola di San Michele
      2. Venetian Ghetto
      3. Jewish Ghetto
      4. Scuola Levantina
      5. Scuola Spagnola
      6. Scuola Italiana
      7. Scuola Grande Tedesca
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    4. IV. Santa Croce

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      Named after a the Santa Croce church, it is one of the smaller sestieri, and the first your character would reach upon their arrival. With the main port and entrance to the Grand Canal.

      1. Grand Canal
      2. Fondaco dei Turchi
      3. Porto di Venezia
      4. Il Convento Dolce
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    5. V. San Polo

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      San Polo may be the smallest sestieri, but it certainly holds the most life. The homes of merchants are here if they are wealthy enough to afford it, but most of all it is the home of the largest market in the city.

      1. The Rialto Markets
      2. Il Noce al Trivio de Apotecaire
      3. Il Merletto di Lilla
      4. Anatra Ubriaca
      5. Residuo Reggimento
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    6. VI. Dorsoduro

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      The highest part of Venice, Dorsodura is home to many palaces and fine establishments. Only the truly wealthy and noble could afford a place here, and those only of noble birth or the highest ranks take lodge here.

      1. Palaces and Residence
      2. Casa d'Anjou
      3. la Villa di Fortuna
      4. Palazzo Caravello
      5. Ca'Foscari
      6. Villa da Verona
      7. Univerista delle Nove Sorelle
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  4. Beyond the Six

    1. Murano

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      A series of islands linked by bridges in a lagoon. The island is known for its glasswork and beauty.

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    2. Poveglia

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      Beware the phantoms that haunt the unmarked graves, the mass resting places of plague victims through the ages. This island has been vacant well through the 18th century and is just now starting to show life once more. It is a check point for ships to make sure they carry not the plague, but most of all it is an oubliette--a place to put things one wishes to forget. Be not surprised to find a bone or two unearthed by hunters, and dare not venture there after dark. But most of all...Death Be Not Proud.

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    3. Veneto

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      The farm lands and city beyond Venice. With the Dolomite Mountains, rolling hills, and old Roman roads it is by far one of the richest lands in all of the Venetian Republic.

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    4. Open Waters

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      The open sea was a dangerous place. The waters were patrolled by the navy yes, but the pirates of the dark waters picked them off one by one. Will your merchant ship make it through?

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  5. Out of Character

    1. Games and Other Fun Stuff!

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      Have a game you want to share? Be it IC or OOC play it here! Anything goes!

      1. Personal Post-It Section
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    2. Getting to Know You

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      Introductions, quizzes, and anything you want to tell us about yourself! Have something happen you want so share? Post it here!

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    3. The Round Table

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      This is a discussion forum for matters that are important and for approved applicants only.

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  6. Advertising & Affiliates

    1. Advertising

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      Advertise as much as you want. Post your links here. Post your ad. Whatever. No rules. Come bump it when you please. Aint no body got time to keep up with that! <3

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