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      Characters that are important to the story go here. You do not need to be an admin to post them. If you have a character that you need filled for a personal plot that is an important player in our plot, post it here!

      10 Topics
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    2. Family

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      Important families are listed inside. As you may already know Venice was built on the blood of the merchant families and their ability to navigate the waters like pure politicians.

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    3. Romance

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      Need someone to play a scorned lover or a baby momma? How about that old widow you keep banging for her bank? Post them here!

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    4. Villains

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      Got an evil one who needs a player? Post your bad guy here!

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    5. Other

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      This board is for characters you may want that just don't fit anywhere else. Post em up!

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    6. Filled Ads

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      All those filled or no longer needed wants ads. If your character needs an add re instated just ask a moderator or admin and we will happily fulfill the request.

      53 Topics
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