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      Not sure where your OC would fit? Perhaps try on a character listed inside first! This is the best and easiest way to get involved in the story, and if you have a character you would like someone to fill in post them here!

      1. Canon Characters
      2. Family
      3. Romance
      4. Other
      5. Filled Ads
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  2. Character Registration

    1. Claims

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      Inside you will find the lists for OOC and IC Claims, Requests and Rosters.
      Play-by. Marriage. Occupation. Forums. And More.

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    2. Application Template

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      You may post your notes for your WIP applications in the WIP forum. Once you have all the form fields ready to go, copy and paste your information to our application form located here.

      1. Pending Applications
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    3. Accepted Profiles

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      This is for the new profiles. Please remember to post each one with the character account they belong to.

      If you do not, admin can move them over. Please drop the name in the discord channel #admin_request

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    1. Plotting and Trackers

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      Plotters and timeline trackers go here. It makes it a lot easier on the international players to keep our plotting as much as we can on the board. There are so many time zones between us all that I would highly recommend checking your plotter often.

      1. Plotters
      2. Trackers
      3. Open Threads and Ideas
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    2. In-Character Extras

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      Does your character have a letter to write? A journal they keep? How about any gossip to spread. Inside you will find the place for all of those in-character extras. Please read the pinned post about the gossip thread before posting.

      1. Correspondences
      2. Character Journals
      3. Gossip
      4. Those Muses
      5. Memories of the Past
      6. Time Lines & Family Trees
      7. NPC Characters
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