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    1. Correspondences

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      Letters written and sent between characters. Secret notes or coded messages are also included.

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    2. Character Journals

      8 Topics 38 Posts

      Help your character find a bit of depth with reaching into their inner most darkest thoughts while they keep a journal of their time in Venice.

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    3. Gossip

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      The talk about town--your character. Please read the pinned post

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    4. Those Muses

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      6 Topics
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    5. Memories of the Past

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      Scenes that take place in the past can be posted here!

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    6. Time Lines & Family Trees

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      11 Topics
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    7. NPC Characters

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      Have a character that gets played a lot? Want to make it where everyone can play? Need a barkeep to beat the snot out of? Or a high class courtesan to borrow for the evening without waiting on replies? Check out the NPC masterlist inside and how we use them! Don't forget to read the guidelines.

      2 Topics
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