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    1. Casa d'Anjou

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      The primary residence of Olivier d’Anjou. It features an entrance on the Grand Canal and another on a piazza. Three stories tall, its facade boasts two upper floors of loggias and windows, an inner courtyard, and elegant arches and carvings in Gothic and Baroque styles.

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    2. la Villa di Fortuna

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      A four story Romanesque Palazzo in Dorsoduro across the Grand Canal from San Marco close to San Palo and within walking distance of the Rialto Bridge.

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    3. Palazzo Caravello

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      Palazzo Caravello is the name of the Palazzo Ruggiero inherited from his wife, who inherited it from her late husband, who was an artist too. On the outside, the palazzo is yellow and it has a small yard behind it. Towards the yard, the windows are large to let in plenty of light for a working artist.

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    4. Ca'Foscari

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      Ca'Foscari is the typical example of the residence of the Venetian noble and merchant and its structure is one of the most imposing buildings of the city and its external courtyard is the biggest courtyard of a private house, with one exception, the Palazzo Ducale. In commonality with other palaces, Ca' Foscari's principal, and most decorated facade and entrance, faces the Grand Canal - the city's main thoroughfare.
      Owner: Giovanni d'Foscari

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    5. Villa da Verona

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      Owned by Alessandro da Verona. Villa da Verona is the name of the beautiful and large palazzo owned by the da Verona family. Currently, only Alessandro resides here, but there is plenty of room for guests and parties.

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    6. Villa de Lucca de Olvar

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      A modest two story villa with private garden, private water access and six bed rooms. Ornate statues line the walk ways and entrances, a small fountain is the center piece of the garden and a covered patio encases the second floor.
      Owner: Thurenza Bellamarre

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