Seraphine Leblanc

Seraphine Leblanc
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Kat Age: 29
and all questions can be directed
  • Good wine.
  • Rich food.
  • Sex.
  • Getting her way.
  • Silk.
  • Etienne d'Apcher.
  • Not getting her way.
  • People who aren't French.
  • Anyone who tries to pin her down.
  • Sappy romantic idiots.
The Basics
Name: Seraphine Leblanc
Play by: Kate Upton
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 26
Nickname: Sera
Tall for a woman, Seraphine is a woman who always makes heads turn. She has luscious curves and an extremely ample bosom, which she likes to display to her advantage whenever possible. Her legs are long, her bone structure delicate and striking. Her hair is long, a mixture of honey blonde and shades of light brown, falling to mid-back. Her eyes are a striking crystalline blue that often appear grey or green (or a mixture of any of the three) depending upon her mood. Her face is undeniably beautiful, accented by a small beauty mark upon the right side near her plump lips.
Seraphine has always been the apple of her father's eye, meaning she grew up pampered and spoiled. She has never been a simpering socialite, however -- she has a charming and magnetic personality, which makes people flock to her side, wanting to earn her favor. However, she also has a razor-sharp temper, and a tongue to match, both of which she doesn't hesitate to turn upon any hapless fool that rouses her ire. She was once a twin, but upon the death of her brother she became full of anger, bitter about romance and matters of the heart. She is stubborn, headstrong, and has a will of iron, refusing to bend to anyone else's wishes unless completely unavoidable.
To get revenge on her brother's murderer. To see him suffer as she's suffered.
Character History
The only daughter of her family, Seraphine was born mere moments after her twin brother, Sylvain. The two were practically inseparable from the moment they were brought into the world, and even as children, Sylvain was ferociously possessive and protective of his sister. Seraphine took advantage of this, constantly antagonizing others and knowing that her brother would always keep her safe from any retaliation. They were a force to be reckoned with, especially as they moved into their adolescence and it became apparent that they were both wildly attractive. They were incorrigible flirts, constantly teasing and egging on their admirers, but always interfering to smack them down whenever it became clear they were buying too much into the act.

Until one day when Seraphine met the man who would change her life forever. Etienne d'Apcher was the most infuriating, irritating boy she'd ever met. He fascinated Seraphine in ways she didn't understand, and didn't like -- that he was so clearly enraptured with her only made her dig her heels in all the more and refuse to admit she liked him at all. A state of affairs that became more and more frustrating as Etienne constantly attempted to woo her, asking her day after day to marry him, despite her constant refusals. Finally, after months of this irritation, Seraphine caved. She consented, finally admitting to both herself and Etienne that she was enamored with him. The two fell madly in love, upon realizing they were compatible -- Etienne adored Seraphine's headstrong, fiery nature, and she loved his unquestioning devotion.

Little did Seraphine know that Sylvain had developed an unhealthy obsession with his twin, and that Etienne's attentions had driven him nearly mad with jealousy. She had no knowledge of the situation, let alone the statement that brought it on -- all she knew was that she walked in on the sight of her betrothed, her lover, her everything, with his sword plunged into her brother's heart. Seraphine felt half of her self die that day as Sylvain bled to death in her arms. The love in her heart toward Etienne also died, twisting into hatred and bitter rage as she told the man who had been her everything that she wished he was dead.

She buried her twin, and with him, the last shred of her heart. Feeling cold and empty inside, Seraphine attempted to return to her life, but it was like trying to walk when you were suddenly missing a leg. She struggled to find her place in the world again, an endeavor which only became more and more difficult as her father sought to fill the perceived void in his daughter's life by sending suitor after suitor to her. And one by one, Seraphine sent them all running, firmly convinced that none of them was good enough for her. Men all across France found their attempts at courting thoroughly rebuffed by wine dumped into their laps, and flowers smacked across their faces.

And one by one they all gave up. Tired of her father's unwanted matchmaking, Seraphine decided a change of scenery and a change of pace was needed. So she packed up her belongings and left for Venice, thinking the food, climate, and people would help to ease the ache in her soul. Little did she know that Fate had other plans in store for her.
Referred by Lilylady.
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