Oisean MacQueen

Oisean Alexander Donovan MacQueen
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  • Politics
  • Rosalind
The Basics
Name: Oisean Alexander Donovan MacQueen
Play by: Sam Heughan
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight as Fuck
Age: 33
Nickname: Fucking Oisean MacQueen
Oisean like most of his kin stands a great deal taller than most men, and he uses that to his advantage often. With red hair and blue eyes he knows that he is often casted quickly as a Celt and until the last year took it as a compliment. He doesn't tan well, and burns more often than not but his years sailing have attempted a good condition to his skin and tinted it lightly. Battle hungry and rebellious he is marked with a good deal of scars, but rarely shows them off. With a baby face and smooth skin he's often outfitted with a few good jests, but often it wins him the favor of the women and out of a few bad deals.

Like any other Scot he wears his tartan with pride, but to save what he has left of the MacQueen plaid he uses it only for dress occasions and when he's trying to impress the ladies. Often armed to the teeth, Oisean is an excellent mark with the long-shot, and wears it draped one shoulder like a sword. He's not too keen on the fine art of fashion, but sticks with the times at best he can. He favors practical shirts over high collared laces, but has been known to wear scarves tied around his neck to keep the sun out.
Oisean is an extroverted people pleaser who feels that his one true task in life is to bring warmth to where the grip is cold, and light in even the darkest of places. He is an outgoing man who always has a story to tell or a joke for his cremates to keep them laughing for hours. Though he not a natural prankster he'll leave the lace of the flour undone without thinking and buckets of water right in the footpath.

A once honorable man, he'll take the blame and even the punishment when a joke has gone too far, even if it wasn't his fault. Loyal to his crew and Captain as he is his country, Oisean is the first to rise when the need be, and the last to bed when the job is done. And though he doesn't do it well, he reads nearly everything he can get his hands on.
To find her. To see China.
Character History
Oisean came to the West Indies with war fresh on his mind. At the side of his brother he went blindly into the smuggling world and kept a face for the crowd. He and his family worked tirelessly to smuggle out information through the gun powder kegs and through bits of coded notes in music, and despite the heartache that he faced he found love again in the gentle hands of a woman who could very well calm his heart as well the wild beast inside him. However, after the uproar of the West Indies he like many of those in his circle became lost along the way.

The life of a pirate did not come natural but over time he has learned to embrace a dark side to him that he didn't want to admit was there.
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[WHOPLAYER=Lily][WHOCHARNAME]Oisean Alexander Donovan MacQueen[/WHOCHARNAME][WHOCHARINFO][WHOQUICKINFO][WHOCHARIMG]http://i.imgur.com/rDUr0Vx.jpg[/WHOCHARIMG][WHOQUICKTXT][WHOOOC]Lily[/WHOOOC][WHOPB]Sam Heughan[/WHOPB][WHOAPP]PLACE APP LINK HERE[/WHOAPP][WHOPLOTTER]http://venicerp.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=58[/WHOPLOTTER][/WHOQUICKTXT][/WHOQUICKINFO][WHOINFOABOUT]MacQueen was once a noble man, but now he is a hopeless vegabond pirate with zero fucks to give.[/WHOINFOABOUT][/WHOCHARINFO][/WHOPLAYER]
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