Mustafa Jabour Elansari
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The Basics
Name: Mustafa Jabour Elansari
Play by: Jason Momoa
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 38
Nickname: Maahes
One of the first things that many may notice of him is that he is a good head taller than most, everything from his shoulders to his calves appears to be made of stone and cast in bronze. Though he may have many scars, he wears them with pride. Dark almost black eyes have a way of unmanning many that cross his path, but almost always it is the pure power in his very being that commands the cowering of even the most bravest of men.
Good luck getting on his good side, having grown up in a land that did not trust the West and their ideologies on faith and mankind, he trusts very little. Even those of his tribe hold little respect in his heart, and for the right price he too would send them to a watery grave. To be part of the fleet, respect must be earned and the heads of his enemies must be removed only to be placed on spikes at the edges of his ships.
To see Allah through to his victory and the Christians defeated.
Character History
In the shadow of the great Khayr al-Dīn Maahes grew up on the ideas and desires of the Moores and grew up in Morocco with the very heart of the Alawī sultans whe encouraged piracy as a greater wealth. However, Maahes had not been born upon the ships of sailors nor to the saints of the sea.

His father a merchant built for them a life on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, they made their life in peace. He helped his father with the fishing boats while his mother embroidered fine silks with little shells and beads made from the fine ivory imports. She sold spices in the markets and traded salt for silks.

It was at his father’s death and his mother’s captivity did Maahes begin to see the true hatred in the world, and was taken in by a Turkish ship to get his revenge on the Spanish. As he grew he came in more command until his own fleet was given to him out of both loyalty to the cause and the sacrifice of his life to serve at sea.
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