Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne
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The Basics
Name: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Play by: William Moseley
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 24
Nickname: Nathan, Nate
A distinguished looking young man, he stands at six foot one, and is always dressed in the best clothing. Though seemingly a facade of sorts, he seems all too more relaxed in more comfortable clothing, despite some holes and dirt. His blond hair and light blue eyes seem to put him at a difference in Southern Europe, but he always seemed to enjoy the slight step apart.
An often quiet young man since coming home from the second war in his twenty four years of life. Dreams haunted by the piles of dead left after battle, the scars were hidden deep within him. His eyes could go lost, seeing a battlefield, years and hundreds of miles away which not there. Despite this, he does his best to keep smile on his face, and that friendly nature to go with the business smarts.
To find a glimpse of happiness. To take care of what family he has left.
Character History
Nathaniel was born into a nation breaking from under the most powerful throne in the world. North Carolina, one of the original thirteen, to a rich family whose head, his father was associated in the highest echelon of government. Second son, a future ahead of him was one which would see him succeed in government, or the military, while the shipping empire his father had created before his birth would go to his older brother Samuel. Nathaniel had been loved by his brother early in life, but that changed to hatred soon as Nathaniel seemed to grow into their father’s favorite, often accompanying him on long trips, while Samuel was left to run the business he was to inherit.
Even in war it was Nathaniel, barely old enough to understand the meaning of it, whose eyes got to see the very war which would shape and change his world. In the waning months, he was even present at Yorktown, serving as both an assistant gunnery officer at the age of thirteen, and translator between the American and French artillery soldiers. Despite the enlistment age being 15, he was still granted with an honorary rank of Ensign at the end of the war for his assistance. His greatest adventure up to that point also became the point which turned his brother completely against him, having been left at home as the heir to manage the plantation, though he had been more than willing, coward that he was.
With war ended, new diplomatic relations had resumed between the warring countries, albeit slowly. However, much of the goods made in the America’s were needed in the English world, so business was taking quite the upturn, taking the family to London. And there she was, a girl he fell for the moment he heard her laugh, saw her smile, the light within her eyes making him forget all the bad in his life, and the way his elder brother looked at him when he thought he wasn’t being seen. It was Samuel who saw his brother’s reaction to the girl, and while his true intentions were unknown, he told Nathaniel that the girl had shown the slightest interest in him only until she had learned he wasn’t the heir. To his dismay, Nathaniel had believed him, but he had seen her eyes when she had stood up in church beside the elder brother to marry him, with Nathaniel nearby standing as his brother’s man.
After honeymoon, he was forced to join them in Venice, completing his father’s wishes of helping his brother with the business, especially during the time where his time and efforts were best spent with his new wife. He was forced almost every day to see her, and his friendship with her was at times strained, especially when she spoke of wanting to get pregnant in order to make his brother happy. It was a hell, partly of his own making, but it was killing him the way he had to smile in front of her, he could not, would not hurt her. Then came the news which cut him deeper than any before, a child was on the way, finally his brother seemed satisfied in his endeavors. Enough to let Nathaniel leave, to get out from under that umbrella of pain.
With the beginning of the Russo-Turkish war, a few strings pulled achieved him a spot as a military advisor from the United States on the Russian side, assisting a common enemy which had been a thorn in the side of trade vessels in the entirety of the Med. Attached to General Suvorov, he was given the opportunity to see the true face of war, up close and personal, instead of solely from the winning side of a siege. Outnumbered much of the time, even an advisor had to fight for his life, and his skill in laying artillery led to him winning more than one award from the Russian High Command, as well as the rank of Major.
The war had taken what little of his innocence and youth away, and the letter that his brother was now dead seemed to have nowhere near the effect had he not witnessed streets and rivers full of bodies. Yet there was more to it than that, for since there had been no male child heir, everything, company, houses, land on multiple continents went to Nathaniel. In truth, many months before he had already written his own will, leaving it to his brother’s wife, and their daughter were he to die, and many times he attempted to, but death was unwilling to take his offering. So it was at twenty four he was going back to a city he had once called home, to settle accounts, to send a body across the ocean to bury within the family’s crypt in North Carolina. Though it left him with the most difficult battle yet, a woman he loved, and a niece he had never met in that life, which would no doubt change his world forever.
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