Olivia Shirley

Olivia Shirley
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Kimmie Age: 34
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The Basics
Name: Olivia Shirley
Play by: Jenna Dewan Tatum
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 24
Nickname: Livie, Liv, Olive
She stands at a petite height of approx. 5'0", with long, dark hair, sparkling blue eyes and smiling, full lips. Her skin has a sun kissed quality to it that says she is not conventional, not some miss who likes to hide beneath a bonnet. Her form is curvaceous, but not overweight.
She is very mischievous to her friends and family. She is also very much into laughing and jokes. Olivia has a soft spot for stray animals, and is also very much an outdoorswoman who rides like the wind when she has a chance. She is not very interested in the high fashion, but puts her interest more into learning and book smarts. She is a very smart young woman, but doesn't always show it.
To own her own patch of land, with or without a husband, somewhere in America.
To raise beautiful horses.
Character History
Olivia is the only child of two New York City bluebloods, Rodger and Amelia. As the heiress to some old money, she seems not to have the interest in the rich history of her family, who own a long standing textile factory. Her father owns three branches of the business in various locations in New York, and an equal amount of homes: A townhouse in the city proper, and two manor houses elsewhere, one of which is where Olivia spent most of her childhood. By rights, she should be a spoiled girl, but she doesn't care so much about the fripperies involved with the riches. Nevertheless, she dresses only in the finest fashions because her mother takes care of choosing her wardrobe, and she has a fine Arabian mare, and so on and so forth.

Her childhood was a happy one, she never really got into much trouble, although there were times when her mischief got the best of her and she got reprimanded... She spent most of her childhood isolated from other children, taught by a governess, rather than in a school room, and later sent to a finishing school where she graduated at the top of her class despite her willful ways. When she said that she wanted to be a teacher, her father shook his head and denied her of this notion, saying her job was to marry well so as to provide a male heir for the empire. This did not make her happy. She is now considered close to being a spinster for not marrying at a younger age, but who could blame her? She did not wish to be like a cash cow. She wants to marry for love, damn it!

Recently, her father decided he wanted to travel abroad, partly to find a match for his willful daughter, partly to take a gander at some of the fine fabrics around the world. They have spent four or five years traveling to various places overseas, and soon arrive in Venice.
Referred by Jake
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