Fintan McKenna

Fintan McKenna
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The Basics
Name: Fintan McKenna
Play by: Richard Armitage
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: Thirty Four
Nickname: Fin
Fintan is a tall, well-built prize fighter with all of the strength and size to prove it. He has blue eyes, just like his brothers, and inherited his father's thick black hair. He keeps his beard trim, but only ever shaves it when there is an event he must attend, as he dislikes how young he looks without it.
Fintan is a silent sort who isn't prone to speaking about what is on his mind. He grew up with a twin brother who always knew what he was thinking and never got used to having to explain himself to others. He believes in working with all the strength he has, and believes everyone should do the same, having no patience for people who can't live up to their word.
To find a place to call home
To be part of a family again
Character History
He was always happy as a young man, despite how his family was often hurting for money. He did all he could to help but picking up odd labour jobs around Galway, since his strong build made him a prime worker. He would also fight in the taverns at night for money since his strength was nearly unmatched. It was at this time that he and Finley began to grow apart a little, since his brother, though his twin was not nearly as strong as he. Finley was the only one their father could afford to educate, but he always brought home work with him and Fintan was learning just as much secondhand.

He apprenticed to his father to be a blacksmith and continued on the family business after his parents left for the New World. His brother went off to France to continue his education and Fintan never heard from him again, either. During a period of loneliness he began courting Aran, a miller's daughter and after only a few months they were engaged to be married. Soon after she gave birth to a baby boy and Fintan had nearly forgotten the pain of losing his brothers, his new family filling that empty space in his heart.

Barely a year later he was forced to flee his newfound home in shame when he was accused with the murder of his father-in-law. He never got the chance to plead his innocence and his wife had left with their son by the time he got home. He was left with either the option to leave as a coward or die an innocent man. He swallowed his pride and was on the first merchant ship that left the harbour.

That ship was bound for the Caribbean and he learned to sail during the crossing. After being in Kingston for several weeks he bought a dilapidated little ship with the little money he had earned from the merchants, thinking it was a decent investment. He fixed it up mostly on his own, but after many months of hard work the brig was sea-worthy once more and he named it the Accipiter. He was a privateer out of Port de Paix for several years before everything came toppling down and he lost his ship.

His love affair with the governor's daughter fell apart after one of her men attacked one of his crewmates. Her husband didn't take kindly to his transgressions nor his religious and political persuasions. She saved his life before her husband could kill him and Fintan was on the first ship out of the harbour. He swallowed his pride and left his own ship behind, leaving a note with his brother that he was headed for Saint-Malo.

Fintan arrived a few months later with nothing but the clothes on his back and started fresh in the cité corsaire. But he was alive. Owing allegiance to no crown or country, he sailed out of Saint-Malo as a privateer for a number of months before he was elected captain. He received a letter from his brother with word that all three of his siblings had survived the uprising and the crossing of the Atlantic and were headed for Venice. With his captain's share of their prizes Fintan absconded from captaincy and bought his own ship outright. Ascalon sailed from Saint-Malo to Venice where it makes its new home as a contracted ship in the Venetian Navy. As such, Fintan is now awarded the title of governatore di nave and has ascended into Venice's upper class.

He has reconnected with his siblings and has reconciled with his brothers, even assisting Finley in reestablishing a law practice. He and Fletcher see each other often and he has begun to get to know Caoihme.
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