Caoimhe McKenna

Caoimhe Roisin McKenna
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The Basics
Name: Caoimhe Roisin McKenna
Play by: Ryan Newman
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 15
Nickname: none
Caoimhe has always been a tiny little slip of a girl. Being a mere four feet and 6 inches in height, she is often mistaken for younger than she is, but it doesn't bother her. Nowadays, if one were to look closely, it is evident that she has begun to develop a woman’s curves. High time, at fifteen years of age (though her brothers would argue that it is far too soon. They aren’t ready for her to blossom so).

Back to particulars, Caoimhe has beautiful, fair skin, complimented by honey-brown hair that falls to her hips. Her eyes are blue as a winter sky, encompassed by long, thick, curled lashes. Indeed, she is the perfect little china doll; every bit of her seemingly delicate and slender. Well. Until one gets a look at her often-chipped fingernails, and the faint smattering of scars that marr her back, legs, and derriere. "Battle scars", she calls them. Battles with the nuns who've 'cared' for her when she was younger. Recently, she’s gotten a bit self-conscious about them, even though they never bothered her before.

One common accessory that Caoimhe is never without, is the claddagh ring that belonged to her mother. She wears it on a chain, about her neck, and often fiddles with it. On the inside of it, is an engraving. "L&D". The initials are that of her mother and father.
The sisters of St. Adele's orphanage would say that Caoimhe is a little hellion. Always running wild, causing mischief, and getting on their very last nerves! While this might be true, Caoimhe would reply that they'd started it. The fifteen year old is definitely the little spitfire. Treat her kindly, and she'll do the same. Treat her like dirt, and you'd best be prepared for her to return the favor.

She has a bit of a chip on her shoulder, about having being an orphan. It wasn't like her mother and father chose to get sick and die, now was it? It is a touchy subject for her, and she certainly has the Irish temper to cow anyone that decides to try and throw her past in her face. However, she isn't the little monster that others would have her made out to be; she's just accustomed to looking out for herself, because no one else would, until she found her family.

The girl just wants to be loved. She can be quite the gentle soul, when given half the chance. She loves animals, because they're more honest in their affections than people. Rabbits, foxes, dogs, cats, etc; she'll play with them all, as long as they don't look ready to bite. Indeed, the girl is quite fearless, for the most part. Not a lot frightens her. Oh she can be startled, yes, but there isn't a lot that truly scares her, to the very core of her being (apart from confined spaces, and storms). She often wonders if she gets it from her mother or father... or if she's simply the 'odd duck' she's always been called.

More recently, she’s started to develop a sort of self-consciousness that she can’t explain. Things like wanting to look nice… keep her hair combed… her clothes clean. Even her nails are less chipped than usual. Womanhood is coming, and it’s rather frightening; especially for her brothers.
-To learn how to be a proper lady
-To make Finley proud
Character History
Caoimhe Roisin McKenna was born in Lower Canada, the youngest of four children; though she never knew any of her brothers, or that she even had any. By the time Caoimhe was born, it was just her mother and father settling into a new country and a new home, with a new baby. A newness that never had the time to diminish, since Caoimhe's mother and father were taken by the pox when she was still in swaddling. With no other kin to take her, the baby was handed over to the 'mercy' of St. Adele's orphanage.

Life in the orphanage was not pleasant. Oh she was clothed, fed, had a roof over her head, but she shared it with dozens of others and it was very much an 'every child for themself' type of environment. The nuns were strict, quick with a belt or a switch, and didn't seem to have a shred of mercy in their hearts. The slightest infraction resulted in a beating, being locked in a closet to pray, and fasting for whatever length of time was deemed suitable for the crime. Little Caoimhe's very nature and vitality often earned her such punishments, and she began to retaliate when she could.

By some miracle, the girl was chosen for adoption -against the recommendations of the Sisters- by a French merchant, and his wife. They had observed the girl telling stories to the younger children, and thought her quite charming. They were nice to her, she was nice back, and before she knew it... she was being taken in. Taken in, and taken away to Port de Paix. it was the start of a new adventure, for her! But the joy didn’t last.

The more time Caoimhe spent with the Dubois family, the more apparent their differences became. Caoimhe was not used to their kind of structure, and though she tried to conform, they grew frustrated with her ‘wildness’. And worse still, they wanted to legally change her name to something more ‘pronounceable’, when they made her adoption all official and legal, as opposed to the simple verbal matter it had been.

So upon arriving in Port de Paix, they set out to do just that (which infuriated Caoimhe, of course). By this time, tensions were high. As luck would have it, the law office that the Dubois couple went to was the very same one that one Finley McKenna worked within. It quickly became apparent that the two were of relation (by way of the engraving on the claddagh that Caoimhe wore on a chain about her neck) and Finley made short work of extricating his baby sister from the entanglement of adoption. The two became thick as thieves, in no time at all, and Caoimhe could not be happier. And why not? She had a family, now! Albeit a somewhat estranged one.

Not long after this reunion, though, things went a bit awry. Due to a storm, and things that are still a bit of a mystery to Caoimhe, it became necessary to leave Port de Paix. They were bound for Europe. However, the voyage quickly became dangerous. Not only weather, but privateers. Unfortunately, in all of the chaos, Caoimhe was separated from Finley. Luckily, though, their brother Colin happened to be on the same ship, and whisked her away to Venice where he turned to priesthood. After a year or so of living a quiet, life, they were eventually (and miraculously reunited with both of their brothers, and even their complicatedly extended family. Now fifteen, Caoimhe has begun the most terrifying chapter of her life, yet; venturing into womanhood.
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