Thurenza Bellamarre

Thurenza Bellamarre
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  • Nature
  • Games
  • Healing
  • Others Pain
  • Gambling
  • Losing. Losing anything.
  • Her Uncle.
  • Shows of Weakness.
  • Weak Stregas.
  • Bad Medico's.
The Basics
Name: Thurenza Bellamarre
Play by: Helena Bonham-Carter
Gender: Of the female persuasion
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Age: 30
Nickname: Secret: Tauremorna ; Complimentary: Dona de fuera; Derogatory: La Donnola
Her presence is a force to be reckoned with, she stands tall and erect and always seems to have an amused spark in her eye and upon her lips. Thurin is 5 foot 8 inches tall(176.7 cm), weighing 130 lbs(58.9 kg), with dark hair, brown eyes so dark they look black with flecks of gold and pale skin that only reddens in prolonged sunlight. Her silver strands when not at court or other socialite gatherings is left loose and spiraling down her back at times tied back from her face with ribbons or with jewelry braided in it. Her stunning eyes are always lined with koal and she wears little other makeup. Heavy jewelry is often for presentations, but, rarely an everyday presence upon her. She dons clothing appropriate for the task at hand, from splendid gowns to breeches and coverlets.
Thurin is power hungry and merciless in her paths of obtaining that of which she feels gains her some upper hand over others. At times this obsession can come at great costs to her own well being. She truly believes that greatness comes with sacrifice, and she will easily sacrifice others for her greatness. She will use her body as a weapon, her power in casting as the gift she thinks it is and her observations of others desires to manipulate them into doing as she wishes. Anything she has is a tool to be utilized when warranted. She can come off cold or cruel to those that know of her because she reserves her emotions for those who deserve them. She does love, in the way she knows how. It can be aloof and sometimes hard, but, it non-the-less is real and deep. Things she finds wrapped in her version of 'Love' are cherished in her way and fought for. Protected against everything that she feels could be a threat. And Thurin's perceptions are ruled by a morality that others cannot often or easily discern. She carries herself proud and ferocious in the eyes of others and has rarely backed down from anything.
To Kill her Uncle and display his bones. And to never grow old, seriously who doesn’t?
Character History
1762: May 24th Thurenza-Maura Bellamarre was born to Conte George Leopold Alfonse Bellamarre and Anna-Maria de Montferrat

1767-71: Thurenza is privately tutored and educated as any noble man would be with no exceptions

1769: Her elder sister Muriel-Jacquette is married and moves away

1771: Her parents are killed suspiciously in an accident. Thurenza is entrusted to the care of her Uncle Barone Marzio Lave Bellamarre de Olvar. Her family estate is held in trust by her Uncle until Thurenza is married.

1772: Thurenza was quickly fostered out, at the impressionable age of 10 to a questionable Cousin who was reported to be an Alchemist and a Priest from Austria.

1773-1775: Becomes a co-conspirator in her Cousins Occult enterprises adding to her education with Medicine, Alchemy and the Occult.

1775: Marzio realized that Thurenza was actually prospering in the household and that their Cousin had taken an obvious liking to his niece, the Barone had his Cousin arrested for witchcraft. The entire family was arrested, and Thurenza was again entrusted into Marzio’s hands.

1775: Thurenza is shipped to the colonies of the America’s as bride for a French Plantation owner and slave trader in the Georgia’s, who is a dubious associate to her Uncle Marzio and a known slave trader.

1778: Thurenza spouse is murdered and Thurenza is missing. Marzio again retains possession of the Olvar Estate and that in the Colonies. He sends an envoy to protect the new inheritance, and to ‘look’ for Thurenza at Muriel’s insistence.

1778-1783: Thurenza and handful of slaves had escaped and lived within the Shawnees Indian Nation. During the Treaty of Paris Thurenza was “found” and returned to Italy.

1783-84: Thurenza is entrusted to her Uncle Marzio’s care and found unfit due to her trauma to care for herself or her estates. She is kept at Marzio’s estate with round the clock care of Marzio’s employ.

1784-1786: Thurenza has won over some of her Uncles employees and staff; she has contact with former associates of her Cousin, her sister and freed slaves from the Colonies. Her Uncle is unable to constantly and legitimately deny visitors and invitations for Thurenza’s Company.

1786-87: Thurenza and Muriel are fighting their Uncle for Thurenza’s competency and inheritance. Marzio relents only in so far as Thurenza’s ability to live alone and gifts her with a modest apartment and allowance while he retains her inheritance.

1787-1792: Thurenza has made her own fortune, opened an occult salon and made an underworld network. Informants, assassins, chemists, alchemists, astrologists, potions, salves, poisons, sodomites, lesbians, sadists--- just sell your soul and she can make it happen for you.
Referred by Lily
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