Elizabeth Stanley

Elizabeth Stanley
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Crymson Age: 40
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  • Sport
  • Her Pipe
  • Gambling
  • Racing
  • Risk
  • (Secretly)Suitors who copiously dote on her.
  • Being treated delicately.
  • Convents
  • Feminists
  • Unconfident people.
The Basics
Name: Elizabeth Stanley
Play by: Lily James
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Primarily Straight
Age: 25
Nickname: Biatta
Dark hair, blue eyes and pale skin mask the devil in her bones and that voice, one to make angels cry for her salvation. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches and seems so much more for the fierce personality that shines brighter due to its compression into her petite frame and form of sex.
She is cunning and conniving, smart and observant. She is a manipulator and exploiter and uses her angelic appearance to her advantage. She does not think of anyone as a friend or ally, and trust none. She uses what and who allows her to use them with no regrets. She had a heart full of feeling once—and only once—until it was cut from her. Now she tries desperately to fill that void with the most audacious of activities.
To eventually find her illegitimate child. And to ruin one Lord Ashlin Greyson.
Character History
1791: (age 25)-November Elizabeth leaves England and finds rumors of Greyson in Italy.

1791: (age 24) Last Half of the year. Elizabeth bores an infant(September 1791) that is immediately taken away. She is recouped at the convent then released (November 1st 1791) to return home. Her blood has forsworn her and her adoptive family supports her, they feel her sadness of their son’s loss led her into such reckless action. They devote all funds that would have been granted her as his widow upon Elizabeth.

1791: (age 24)-First half of the year. Her affair with Lord Greyson is discovered. Ashlin is exiled from England and threatened mortally if he continues associations with Elizabeth. Her wedding is canceled and she is placed in a French convent.

1790: (age 23)- Wedding plans are rolling out, she protest she is not ready and seems morose in all social gatherings. Her parents worry and try to slow the wedding plans.

1789: (age 22)- Betrothed to a Duke xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxfrom the Realm. The betrothal has no influence on her affair with Ashlin.

1787: (age 20)- Her father starts accepting new offers from suitors. Her Potential suitors are of higher rank due to her association with her former betrothed's family.

1785: (age 18)- Later part of the year. Her Intended is killed in action. Her public morning starts. Her future in-laws adopt her as part of the family. They have no other son to offer to fulfill matrimony contracts. Her affair with Greyson never ceases.

1785: (age 18)- First half of the year. Begins learning about her future husbands properties and history. Begins learning how to manage their house hold and out lying properties. Enjoys the slight freedoms a betrothed youth is allotted and runs the circuit of social soirees that her betrothed family hosts. Meets one Lord Ashlin Greyson the future Earl of Herdford and instantly falls for him. Starting an affair of the most sordid order.

1784: (age 17)- Meets her Betrothed and receives her first matrimonial gift, an exotic well bred Arabian horse. Expresses her pleasure and gratitude by showing her riding skills. Wedding arrangements are planned for the fall of 1785.

1783: (age 16)- Betrothed to Viscount George Germain of the British realm serving in the American colonies at this time.

1782: (age 15)- Presented at Court, her Father entertains inquiries about possible betrothals.

1778: (age 11)- Begins training with weaponry with her father’s amusement, due to fear of 'wolves'; instructions in archery, cross bolt, rapier, dagger and pistol.

1776: (age 9)- Has a terrible accident during an outing on horseback, wild dogs’ spook her horse and she suffers a terrible fall. She accounts the wild dogs with the fabled Dire Wolves and grows fearful of them.

1773: (age 6)- Starts her Education: math, reading, writing, Latin(for church), music and instruments

1767: (age 0)- is born
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