Antoine Moscati

Antoine Moscati
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The Basics
Name: Antoine Moscati
Play by: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 33
Nickname: Assar
Antoine is barely 6 ft tall and weighs a modest 170 lbs, he is lean and normally exerts a controlled grace in every movement. He is always impeccably attired and well groomed unless he has been on a binge or over worked. He has blue eyes that hint at violet in certain light, dark hair, dons a well clipped beard and mustache and always seems to be wearing an unimpressed serious expression. When incensed or off the wagon as it were he can appear as mad man; clothe disheveled, ranting, and even using exaggerated gestures.
He does what he wants and takes what he desires with out cause or care of the repercussions. Honor in his family name makes him answer to his own Oaths but he is careful what he stakes his word on. Often or not those who receive his word are in for more than they bargained for. He revels in pleasures of the flesh and mind; going through women, drink, drugs, gaming and whore houses and the like with unrelenting zeal. He carries himself with confidence, arrogance, charisma and his own moral codex.
Becoming in/Famous and Inventing irreplaceable procedures or tools
Character History
- Loyal to his Hippocratic Oath
- Loyalty to his Hospital
- Holds value in his House and Name
- Follows through on his Oaths (but listen carefully to any he makes)
- Certain Charisma

- Hedonist
- Egotistical
- Arrogance
- Womanizer
- Addict: Opium

HISTORY: Antoine Baldassar Mascoti was born January 29, 1759 to moderately well off parents without any nobility of which Antoine rarely speaks. Everything that he has except his physical flesh, he obtained on his own. And if there were any rational way to be self made in the flesh, he would have mastered that ability and utterly foregone with familiar ties. Not to say he did not have affection for his parents of course any child would and his parents did indeed love their children but Antoine once outgrown of infancy and childish ideals had no time for interpersonal relationships that did nothing for his aspirations.

By the age of nine he was already being tutored with the older children of the neighborhood and surpassing them all and sent to Molfetta to learn Latin. A Tutor of his persuaded his parents to allow Antoine to go to university by the age of twelve where he studied logic, metaphysics, mathematics, physics and natural sciences. He entered the University of Naples at fifteen graduating by eighteen with a doctorate in Physics. He also studied Medicine at the Selerno Medical School and graduated at twenty where he became an assistant at the Ospedale degli Incurabili (Neapolitan Hospital for Incurables).

Antoine traveled to Rome and northern Italy to visit libraries and men of science, including Giovanni Battista Morgagni, and he traveled to Austria and Germany as a physician to for the exiled(family we dare not name). And once returned to Italy he moved to Venice for a position at the Ospedali Grandi in San Marco where he remains in practice with a residency. Antoine also teaches and lectures for the Ordine dei Nove Sorelle and holds several degrees within the Order.

Outside of his education and work, he had been briefly married in Austria the result of a whirlwind romance and begot a child from the union. However, his wife once donned the wedding ring would no longer tolerate nor partake in neither his indecencies nor his indulgences of the flesh and the pharmaceuticals. She returned to her family and took the child back to Austria. They have as yet not been officially divorced, but, the matter is only the papers.

Professionally, Antoine is a highly respected Medico and exceptionally educated man. Socially many find they dislike him as a human being. Found often to be lacking in common propriety and observance of societal etiquette, not that he lacks the ability and understanding but rather that he just does not care. Many have taken offense by his language as he rarely filters himself for other sensibilities. However, Antoine is very devoted to his work and the education of others in his field.
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