Felix D'Apcher

Felix D'Apcher
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Crymson Age: 40
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  • Cigars
  • Women
  • Kingly Sports
  • Sometimes his Little Sister
  • Getting his Brothers into Trouble
  • Sometimes his Little Sister
  • More oft his older Brother
  • Getting Caught
  • Poor Sports
  • Hangovers
The Basics
Name: Felix D'Apcher
Play by: Dan Stevens
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Alpha Straight
Age: 22
Nickname: Monty
His stature is not tall at 5' 9" but his personality makes up for any lack in vertical challenge. He has a pale facade that tones into a golden bronze when given enough sun. Moderately blue eyes, not the darkest and not the lightest, that often seem red rimmed due to his extra curricular activities and crowned with blonde hair that turns darker as it grows out. He can often be found with groomed stubble and mustache, but, if the current style favors other facial hair he will easily manicure his to match. He dons the latest attire that cut his figure well.
He knows he has no immediate chance to inherit the family title and secretly pouts over the information, which led to his over indulgence in women and sport. He can't dislike his brothers or his sister but is VERY thankful he is not either his sister or last born son cause those two position would be farther removed from any family title. He loves his family although he tries all of their patience. He is adept and intelligent but lacks proper motivation since he feels he has no chance at being the patriarch of the family. So he revels in the family influence and silly ladies of society that think he is a "catch".
To marry into money and that his wife is a proper closet slut
Character History
From the moment of birth Felix seemed put off with the world. As if before his first breathe while growing in the womb he knew that others had taken his place. And he fought ever since to get it back. The sad thing was, there was nothing to take back. It was never his to begin with. And that’s the folly with perception, what you may think is not exactly what is. And until he learns this one hard truth, Felix would always be fighting a losing battle. And woe to anyone who pointed such out to him because he was not ready to listen and to him those were fighting words.

He and his older brother Etienne would have epic sibling brawls while growing up, and Etienne always the wiser would relent before real damage was done. Felix learned quickly that his Brother was a real class act, knew Etienne held his tongue when he could have easily gotten Felix into real trouble. And many other times took a tongue lashing from their father over antics that Felix had conspired and Etienne covered for him. So Felix held no real malice towards Etienne in any way. How could he?

In regards to Adrienne, Felix was a lax older brother who at times could care less what she did. In fact If Adrienne was out causing trouble many things Felix did could be overlooked. So the two had a give and take relation of which they often did not tell one another what they were really doing and both took advantage of the distraction from one another. But if any outsider tried to interfere with the family and especially with Adrienne they had three brothers to contend.

Felix’s’ younger sibling Dimitiri was like a cool shadow of Felix, not as hot headed and always game for a new adventure. Felix loved Dimitiri with all his heart; it was like a softer mirror of himself. So he protected Dimitiri as best he could and never let his little brother get into too much trouble. A page from Etienne’s book perhaps? The boys were good men, perhaps a little rowdy but whose children of any title weren’t in this age?

Outside of familiar duties Felix has been rather busy and exceptionally somehow kept out of the tight places. He’s never had an angry spouse confront him or threaten to duel, he has never gotten any of his conquests seeded by his knowledge and none have come to the family demanding retribution or marriage, and by luck or chance he has not acquired any foul STD’s.

His gambling is great but luck must favor him because he has not had to short any lost bets. Could it be because of his father’s title? Who really knows, but no one has tossed out any incriminating accusations of such. However, luck never tends to stay and the good tides surely can’t sustain such a ravenous master.
Referred by Lily Caught Me
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