Mercedes Socorro

Mercedes Socorro
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The Basics
Name: Mercedes Socorro
Play by: Monica Cruz
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Age: 20
Nickname: Mercy, Merche or Toni
She had pulled her bed tussled locks back away from her face, as to apply the small touches of kohl to define her startling topaz ringed dark chocolate eyes. Her skin is a sun baked olive. Her hair a pitch of rich espresso with slight hints of mocha in the right light and falls well below her waist when not curled or braided. Her body, flawless except for two permanent inked marks upon her flesh; one being a sparrow with spread wings that resides inside the arch of her left foot, and the other hidden at the base of her skull in hair is a sea turtle. Every other mark resided under her skin, scarred into her soul, and could never be wiped clean.
Reserved and quiet in new company or situations but watch out for your ears when she is comfortable around you. Observant. Strong willed but not impossibly strong headed. She knows when she is in over her head and will back pedal to safe footing. Dedicated. Many think that because she appears at first meeting conservative and can often be quiet that she would not go all out for a cause, whelp just keep thinking that as she leaves you sitting on your rump to catch up or be left behind.
Find her Fathers killer, Travel and a Good Companion.
Character History
One Mercedes Antonia was born in New Spain in the Province of Nuevo Santander on November 22 1772 to Antonio María de Bucareli y Ursúa and Francisca Antonia de Llano. She never knew her biological father and barely knew her biological mother. The man that raised her as his own was Juan Bautista de Anza Governor to New Mexico and an explorer of New Spain. His marriage was childless and Francisca, Mercedes mother, was a cousin that could not raise her bastard. So they wanting a child and not able gladly took the infant Mercedes in.

Mercedes life was not all court and charm, they were in New Spain and much of the territory was unmapped and still had a large population of Natives that had not taken too kindly to the new settlers. She quickly got the bug for expeditions early in her young life. Simply told, she stowed herself away in one the trains of mules and carts used by her father to traverse from the Province of old California to the Pacific Northwest. And when found out, which was in short order, her Father laughing let her stay on. She was seven. And since that day she accompanied her father on many such adventures and other expeditions that he did not personally attend.

It is often interesting that men such as these intrepid explorers, great men evading danger and setting first impression with new peoples all tended to dote on cute little girls. Yes there was always suspect and the bad apples to contend with and natural dangers of the most impossible sorts. Water crossing, stormy seas, stuck wagons, wild beasts of both mortal and animal kind; the list was endless. But it eventually came down to men seeing the future in her brown eyes and sweet charm. The memory of their own children left behind at home.

Growing up Mercedes became a competent cartographer and helped map parts of the West Coast from Alaska to Panama. By land and by sea. In Alaska the Inuit Native people called her Maamaati (little Bird) and she received her first tattoo, she was 15. It was a fight to get them to decorate her foot for they enjoyed bestowing such honors upon the chin in the most unsavory décor of lines and dots. And explaining that ladies from her nation could not easily bare such marks without suspect morality was an interesting conversation in the least. And on another such expedition she ended up on the many Isles of Hawaii and she came away with her second and final tattoo that of a sea turtle hiding in her long hair.

She would have happily stayed on this course in life had Spain not called her father home. And so she sailed the Atlantic Ocean, of which she had never done before and learned about their Mother country. And she soon learned that prominent ladies of such station were suffocated in boredom, enslaved in loveless marriages and drown in political mumbo-jumbo. Mercedes hates Proper Spain and begged her father to return to New Spain. Before they could make any plans to move his new appointment to Castile her father passed. Everyone said it was natural, they still say it was natural but Mercedes knows it was other.

But why kill him?

What did he have or know?

The quickly disappearing threads of this mystery that she has so far unraveled have found her in Venice.
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