Musette Laclede

Musette Laclede
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  • Wildlife
  • Sport Hunting
  • Well Preserved Fur
  • A good Trade
  • Gifts
  • Being told "No"
  • Hearing "I can't"
  • Hearing "I won't"
  • Hearing "I don't"
  • Greed
The Basics
Name: Musette Laclede
Play by: Ashley Benson
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Age: 19
Nickname: Muse, Muse-Ann
Musette stands at an average 5’ feet 6” inches and she has a curvaceous figure. One would think by height and weight proportions she’d be “stout” but all her curves are in those places that men tend to enjoy the most. She has leaf green eyes, honey kissed hair and pale skin that only freckles or burns in prolonged sunlight.
She is a woman in a man’s world and knows this. From an early age she was taught to wait to be spoken to, always refer to your Lords bidding and if given a task to do it beyond expectation. She has become the epitome of a wolf in sheep’s wool. Musette is reserved and thoughtful in open company; considering all aspects of a conversation that she is listening to or involved in. Until she knows those surrounding her she is reserved and quiet. It’s when she knows where her footing is that others need to be wary. She is patient and tenacious. Like any good hunter she lies in wait for the advantage or evident weakness and she is not afraid to test the bonds for weakness’ repeatedly. When she relents one must be vigilant from all other sides, because she is readying an assault from another front.
That her intended and she can have a prosperous union and that she likes him.
Character History
Musette Julianna Laclede September 3, 1775 is the youngest daughter born to Marie-Therese Chouteau and Jacques Leclede Liguest in St Louis, Missouri of the French Colonial territories in the America’s.

Her family helped to create the St. Louis colony and established a Fur Trade Empire from there. Although being one of the wealthiest families in the American-French colonies the scandalous mechanisms of the family had caused quite a stir. Her Mother was married to another man when living with her father. And the two were never married even after Marie-Therese was widowed; which left all the children from the union Bastards.

Growing up Musette was spoiled as much as a colonist could be. She worked within the family enterprises and moved to lands untamed when the family re located from New Orleans, Louisiana to Missouri. So she had known true labors in her young life. She helped skin and tan hides from the time she could handle a knife.

Working she had to learn arithmetic’s, writing, English, German and Spanish to conduct daily business. Although not of any nobility her family became very wealthy and afforded comforts that many other colonist could not obtain so Musette although not as worldly or spoilt does enjoy finery. As she grew up the family could afford to hire out and she did not have to work any longer allowing her to spend more time enjoying hobbies such as; riding and painting.

Making a living from animals has instilled in Musette a great appreciation for wildlife and their habitat. If there are no animals her family makes no money. So she is a staunch conservative for animal protections. You’d not think one who skinned and tanned pelts for a living would be a staunch supporter of nature. And she gets all gooey with cute little furry creatures.

She has two older brothers and 3 older sisters all married. Their Mother provided very substantial dowries to secure profitable marriages and to help overcome the family scandal. Musette now eligible, her mother contracted a marriage with another older and prominent British-American colonial family, The Greyson’s from Connecticut. Their only unwed son with British title but also a scandalous past has made a good match for the two families. Combining their wealth and Title to elevate both families.
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