Alessandro da Verona

Alessandro da Verona
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Atrice Age: 35
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  • Sunshine
  • Touching
  • Dancing
  • Pleasure
  • Smiles
  • Violence
  • Blood
  • Mean people
  • Pain
  • Darkness
The Basics
Name: Alessandro da Verona
Play by: Adam Lambert
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 23
Nickname: Alessio
Alessio has jet black hair and sparkling bright blue eyes. He skin is just slightly tanned, like a mild olive color, and he is fairly tall too. He likes wearing expensive, shiny and glittery clothes. His favorite colors to wear are blue to match his eyes, black to match his hair and skin and silver to match his personality.
Alessandro is an outgoing and talkative young man, although he has changed recently, due to some traumatizing events in his life. He longs to get back to become his old self though, and strives towards that. Usually he likes to have fun and likes to party. He likes to like people and almost instantly likes everyone he meets, unless they give him any reason to dislike them. He does however not like fighting and he does not like pain. Not upon himself and not when inflicted upon others either. Just the thought of or promise of pain will more or less paralyze him. What he does like, is pleasure and good times. Alessandro likes to talk and wants to make a good impression on people. He used to love attention, but not so much anymore, because he does not want to attract the wrong kind of attention. He is however a very touchy-feely kind of person and likes to be close to others, even just friends.
To be accepted by society for who he is
To marry his beloved Vittoria/Sergio
Character History
Alessandro da Verona was born to a wealthy and noble merchant’s family not far from the city of Verona. A century ago, the family was simply merchants, but after a plague hit Verona, the family began to rise. Alessandro is the youngest of three sons and just has one younger sibling; his sister Angelica. Alessandro, or Alessio, as he is often called, was not the one who had to live up to his parent’s high expectations about their sons. As the youngest son in the family, he would not have to inherit any estate. All they expected was that he was a nice and well-mannered boy and man and that he married into another wealthy family – not for love, but for alliances. As a boy, he did not think much about it. He leaned all the basic manners that he had to learn… he learned how to read and write, how to dance, how to behave and how to defend himself with a sword.

He was only 8 years old however, when he found out just how bad violence could be. His older brother Andrea, 14 years old at the time, got himself into a duel and lost it. He was badly wounded and injured when he was brought home. Alessandro saw all the blood; and he saw the pain written upon his brothers face and in the rest of his family. He understood they feared Andrea would die or become disabled somehow. And he understood that fights and battles and weapons were not good things. He feared that one day he might end up just like his brother, in pain and with wounds and scars that would ruin his body and spirit forever. Alessio was touched heavily by the event and since that time, he never liked violence or pain or the sight of blood.

Alessio grew older though and it was not just with the fighting he was different than his brothers. He did not care about money the same way they did (although he loved buying pretty things and wearing pretty things), or about rank. He cared about his looks and he also cared about people and about having fun. Instead of hurting other people, he loved making them smile. And on the night where his eldest brother, Alberto, married a pretty noble lady, Alessio learned just what could happen when you made people smile. Alessio spent most of his time on the dancefloor with various beautiful women. A man however caught his eye more than once and when Alessio took a break to catch a drink, the man asked if Alessio would dance with him. He was so surprised, but could not turn down such an offer either. Plus, the man was kind and handsome and charming. They danced and afterwards, they walked outside in the garden. And before Alessio knew it, they kissed. He kissed a man... and he liked it!

And that was just the beginning. Silvano, as he was called, became his close friend and lover and taught him everything about love and passion. Alessandro was quite stricken with the older man, a merchant and a sailor. Sadly however, this meant Silvano often had to leave for long periods of time. Alessio knew more about himself now though and he became more outgoing than before and more curious about love, passion and pleasure. Meanwhile his second elder brother got married and Alessio did what he could to live life to the fullest. When he was 20 years old, even his younger sister got married, but her husband died after a year and she has not remarried yet. Meanwhile, Alessandro is not married either. He is known as a wealthy and quite extravagant bachelor and has been sent to Venice by his family, apparently to find a wife.
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