Ruggiero Caravello

Ruggiero Caravello
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Atrice Age: 35
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  • Women
  • Painting
  • Wine
  • Pleasure
  • Women
  • Rivals
  • The Docks
  • Poor people
  • The word 'no'
  • People telling him what to do
The Basics
Name: Ruggiero Caravello
Play by: Miguel Angel Silvestre
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 30
Nickname: Ruggio, Maestro
Ruggerio has it all! He’s tall, has dark brown eyes and short black hair. His eyes and his smile are very charming and he likes to use his looks for good purposes. As an artist, he dresses fairly well, but perhaps not as finely as he ought to. When he’s at home, he prefers a shirt and a pair of trousers. He does have nicer outfits for special occasions, but really he is very casual and expects that people will like him anyway.
Despite his somewhat poor birth, Ruggerio has had a lot handed to him since he was 9 years old. He lost his virginity to a much older woman at a fairly young age and she denied him nothing in life. She watched over him, encouraged, protected him, and did not say no to him. This has influenced his entire personality. He now enjoys luxury and enjoys getting what he wants. When his lover and later wife died, he used his background story as a way to get people interested in him. Ruggerio is rather fond of himself and he is also rather fond of women. And because he’s had so much handed to him, he now has troubles with the word ‘no’ and has a hard time believing someone would really mean it. He likes to be in charge. He’s an artist and he has had an interesting life and he knows he’s impressive and handsome too. Who in their right minds could say no to anything he asked of them?
Finding a proper pupil and student
Becoming a famous artist
Character History
1770 – Ruggerio is a strange boy and dreamer in his class. He discovers art as an 8 year old.
1771 – Ruggiero meets his first real artist and he is so overwhelmed by the man and his talent, that he is almost taken advantage of by the older man. The wife saves Ruggiero and takes him in.
1773 – Ruggerio begins to roam around by the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia
1775 – The wife of the artist who took him in years ago, takes Ruggiero as his lover and funds his studies at the academy. She blackmails her husband into teaching Ruggerio about art and becomes his guardian.
1776 – Ruggiero’s father dies at an accident by the docks. Ruggerio decides to become a real artist so that he can also support his mother. His older lady lover cares only about the now 14 year old boy, despite that her husband is still alive.
1778 – At age 16, Ruggerio becomes better and better at painting and gets his first real job. He prefers painting portraits, but does not mind a nice landscape or structure either.
1780 – His older lover and guardian’s husband dies and Ruggiero proposes to her. She accepts and they marry.
1782 – Ruggiero’s wife dies and leaves everything to him. He is now the owner of a fine villa of his own and has inherited some wealth too. His story becomes part of his reputation and gets him more clients.
1785 – After a few years with plenty of clients, both male and female, Ruggerio enjoys the free life of being a wealthy artist, with everything that comes with it; several lovers and plenty to drink.
1790 – He has become so used to ladies wanting him, that he may forget that not every lady he flirts with, wants him in return. Drunk at a party, he takes advantage of a much younger lady and disgraces her reputation. He tries to make her family silent with money and promised paintings.
1792 – Several more incidents as the above mentioned has happened, but Ruggerio is still a popular artist. He has a reputation as a womanizer and has perhaps by accident impregnated a few women along the way...
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