Renata Frascati

Renata Frascati
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Atrice Age: 35
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  • Luxury
  • Control
  • Compliments
  • Money
  • Making her own choices
  • Rapists
  • Being poor
  • Boredom
  • Laziness
  • Superior men
The Basics
Name: Renata Frascati
Play by: Scarlett Johansson
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 32
Nickname: Ruffiana, Donna, Regina, Mistress
Renata is not tall, but what she lacks in height, she has in beauty and feminine shapes. Her green eyes can be firm and charming, depending on the situation and her lush lips will want you to draw her near. Her blonde and slightly curvy hair is usually kept in a practical and pretty hairstyle. She likes to wear dresses that make her appear alluring, but don't let her appearance fool you. Only mess with her if she wants you to.
Renata is a woman who knows what she wants and does her utmost to get what she wants. Ever since she was a child, she has been determined when she has her mind set on something in particular – and she is used to fending for herself. She is a firm, warm and also proud owner of her own business; not that many women own their own business, after all. So what if it is a brothel; it is hers. She has been through everything she assumes her employers are going through, and treats them as well as she can, while at the same time making sure they actually work. She won’t tolerate laziness. Renata also prefers to make her own choices and since she has been ‘owned’ by men before and having men pay for her body, she wants to decide for herself now that she can. She decides when she’ll offer her body to anyone and is ready to cause pain or death to those that do her harm. Within however, she is a bit sheltered and has somewhat low self-esteem, because she believes it is her lot in life to be a prostitute and she knows it is not looked well upon by society.
To one day retire and to live a life in luxury
Character History
1760 - Renata is born in Rome to a courtesan and an unknown father (at least to her)

1762 - Renata's mother leaves her on the step to a nunnery

1769 - Renata learns the truth about her mother and why she is at the nunnery. At first she is sad and confused, but rises again, with a desire to find her mother

1771 - Renata runs away from the nunnery and lives on the streets, looking for her mother.

1773 - She finds her mother in Rome, now married to the owner of the brothel called the Elysium. Together her mother and step-father have a son, Leonardo, who is ten years younger than Renata. She's allowed to stay and live with them.

1775 - Renata lives with her mother and step-father. Her stepfather has been tempted by her for a long time and gets her drunk to take her virtue. Renata begins plotting her revenge and pretends to be her step-fathers willing slave in his bed. She also becomes a prostitute in the brothel.

1778 - Renata has long since gained the trust of her step-father and on one particular night, she has hidden a knife underneath her bed... and kills him while he's on top of her. Together with her mother, she flees Rome, leaving behind her half-brother Leonardo, who finds his father murdered in her bed.

1779 - With her mother, Renata is still on the run. They move North, because her mother claims to have relatives in Venice.

1780 - Renata's mother dies in Ferrera, close but not close enough to Venice. Renata arrives later the same year. She finds no relatives to her mother and takes work as a prostitute, but instead of spending all of her money, she saves them.

1785 - Renata buys a small house and sets up a small business of prostitution there.

1787 - Renata buys a bigger house. She now has two prostitutes working for her and names her brothel Il Convento Dolce (The Sweet Nunnery). It is now rare she sells her own body; only when she chooses to and wants the man who wants her. Instead her focus is on making sure her prostitues gain a profit for them all.

1792 – Business is thriving and Il Convento Dolce is now home to quite a few prostitutes, with Renata running the game. She is a both firm and friendly mistress to her employees. She makes sure they are well-fed and well dressed, but demands proper work in return. The ‘convent’ has three floors, with many private rooms and a small tavern on the ground floor.
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