Michel Lefévre

Michel Lefévre
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Atrice Age: 35
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  • Control
  • Wine
  • France
  • Men
  • Fighting
  • Nobles
  • Arrogant people
  • Gold-diggers
  • Being ignored
  • Royalty
The Basics
Name: Michel Lefévre
Play by: Craig Parker
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 36
Nickname: Francois de Tours, Gabriel Gourgon
Blue eyes and short cut brown hair is part of what first meets the eye, when you encounter Michel Lefévre. His eyes are mostly kind and yet there is probably a calculating spark to them. It happens, but rarely, that he is seen with a stubble. Michel prefers to give a good impression to people who don’t know him well – and this is part of the reason why he prefers to be well-dressed. He wants and needs to reflect someone trustworthy. He prefers colors like dark crimson, black and dark blue. Beneath his clothes, Michel may not be the tallest man, but he is strong and has a good physical shape.
Michel can be charming and pretend to be good when he needs to – he is quite the actor and is good at pretending. Behind the façade though is a man who likes to be in charge and in control. He’s very fond of the fact that he managed to kick his way out of the dirt on the street and worked himself to the top of the revolutionaries, now fighting the aristocracy and monarchy of France. After all, they never worked for what they have, they just inherited. They are not like Michel, who has made his own fortune and now takes advantage of that.

He will go through much to get what he wants and even murdered his own brother in cold blood – and didn’t feel bad about it. His brother was too good anyway, he didn’t deserve to live. Michel looks down upon weakness, but at the same time, it makes him feel good that others are weak - because that means he is superior to them, and he likes that. He can be quite ruthless and is not afraid to kill, maim or taunt people to get what he wants. Extortion is another of his favorite work methods. He has quite the temper too and it doesn't take much to get Michel quite riled up.

Michel enjoys the pleasures his current life gives him – but he also likes to stay busy and is something of a workaholic. When he has a task, he will do everything to see it to the finish. He enjoys wine and as long as he remains in charge, he does not mind a little romance either. He prefers men although this is not something he’ll ever admit openly. Michel always likes the feeling of control, also in bed, and his partners must agree to become his slaves for the night.
That the French Revolution will end with an equal society
That he'll manage to catch or at least kill French nobles in Venice
Character History
Michel was born the second son of a poor couple in Paris. They had one bedroom and his mother begged on the streets while his father worked for little pay. His early childhood was probably ordinary for a poor child and he didn’t know he was poor… he just lived and to this day he still recalls going to bed hungry many times during his childhood. His parents however chose to focus more on their older son than the youngest, believing the older son Gabriel actually had a future. Michel hated him from a young age, but followed him around, because that was the only life he knew. Especially after he watched his mother being pushed away from the street one day, because a royal carriage was passing through. His mother hit a wall the wrong way and died a few days later. This was when Michel began despising the royals; he was just 12 years old.

When they boys grew older, they joined a gang of pickpockets and cons in the streets and especially Michel seemed to enjoy being part of this. Gabriel was the better man and felt guilty for stealing and cheating his way through life – while Michel felt it was the only and best thing to do, what with their background and everything. There was an older man in the gang too and he took a liking to Michel, who didn’t mind learning new tricks and useful things. The man taught Michel how to read and write and about numbers, so that suddenly he had at least some form of education. Meanwhile, the two brothers stuck together and eventually and for reasons still beyond Michel, his brother became leader of the gang when he was 29 years old and Michel was 25 years old. Michel was angry again, believing he could do it all better than Gabriel. He might be the youngest, but he had pushed his brother around for years already. He was simply better at being bad than Gabriel was. He didn’t know that they’d made Gabriel the leader because he would be easier to manipulate.

Just a year later, Gabriel fell into the Seine. What a tragedy! Michel mourned his brother, or rather, he pretended to do it. He was the one who stabbed his brother in the back and pushed him into the water. Finally, Michel had what he wanted; power and control over the gang and he settled down in the chair in the old house the gang had, to get this and that order done. He was not as easily manipulated, but it wasn't needed either. Michel dealt with disobedient people the way he now understood best; threats, blackmail and murder. The gang gained quite a lot of wealth under Michel’s rule; he made deals with brothels and other underground activities in Paris.

Finally, he was no longer poor. He could dress properly and when he years later joined up with a secret circle of people who wished to bring an end to the aristocracy, you’d not be able to tell he was born very poor and went hungry to bed as a child. Michel was only happy to join, remembering all too well how his mother died. Add to that that Michel has made his own fortune, something the nobles never had to do. He does not envy them, he just hates them for being born with silver spoons in their mouths. And now, in 1792, when the Revolution is happening, Michel has moved on from the gang-life to become a spy and has been sent to Venice to join another spy there in their search for escaped French nobility. Here he has met Bruno Cremonesi, who owed debt to France's revolutionaries, but has now become Michel's lover and partner in crime instead. They had a short and wild affair, before Bruno suddenly disappeared, leaving Michel to work alone again. The affair has not made him less ruthless though.
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