Beppin Pasqualigo

Giuseppe Antonio Pasqualigo
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Elena Age: 49
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  • exploring unknown places
  • parties
  • stars
  • his mandolin
  • daggers and swords
  • thieves, cheaters, shirkers
  • betrayal and injustice
  • Turks and Genovese
  • stuffed shirt noblemen
  • filth
The Basics
Name: Giuseppe Antonio Pasqualigo
Play by: Franco Nero
Gender: Male
Sexuality: heterosexual, wherever women available
Age: 35
Nickname: Beppin
He is not too tall, but athletic, broad shouldered, with graceful moves and well toned muscles trained in many years at sea. His skin, initially rather pale, is tanned by winds and sun and marred by some scars from the fights he was involved in, as well as from the caresses of the bossun's starting rope in early years in the trade. His eyes are blue, always shining with some mischievous and analyzing light, deep set under thick eyebrows. and his hair is dark and wavy. Unlike the present fashion, he prefers it cut short, given that he pays attention to cleanliness as a way to avoid the many sicknesses people get at sea. He might be seen, in ports, wearing clothes specific to the middle class attire, looking elegant without being really as expensive as a nobleman's. At sea he wears simpler clothes, as he uses to effectively work by the crewmates' side.
A fearless adventurer at heart, Beppin is ambitious, spontaneous, intrepid, jovial and makes light of things most of the time, especially in odd situations where one would expect prudence. He is loyal to friends and ideals, not willing to sacrifice his life in vain, but standing up for his beliefs, and would die for them if the case might be. And some of his beliefs are tied with the Jacobine ideals...

His aims include acquiring knowledge and wealth equally - in these matters, he has a practical spirit, and the goods he is carrying aren't always only of the legal nature. One can find some of those prohibited by monopoly laws in certain countries too...

He speaks, besides the native Venetian and the Florentine which is the literary language, he speaks Greek and French fluently and he understands some English from his American adventures and also basic Turkish, from his years of sailing in the Aegean, Ionian and Black Sea, under Ottoman occupation.

For him, rules are something to be used only when convenient. If they don’t fit a certain situation, he is ready to work around them. He is dashing and fearless, or perhaps just enthusiastically reckless, but his enthusiasm makes him an inspiring leader for those who may be timid. He is persuasive, drawing people in, making him well liked by the crewmen.

He is a perfectionist, liking things well done, but he is tending more to indulgence than discipline for the crewmen’s small offenses, as long as they do their duties properly, nobody is endangered and nothing is stolen. He gets on well with the men, overlooking gambling or other things as long as it doesn’t happen on duty and doesn't involve quarrels.

Easygoing and laid back, he liked partying as often as he can: music, dance, women, liquor… only that he knew when to stop. He won’t get drunk. Gambling is, for him, more a hobby than a weakness. He is never as desperate as to bet and lose everything he has, and he never cheats. He liked women, but didn't trust them and hasn't committed to any... until he found an Oriental beauty in Venice, to fall in love with, but their relationship is far from traditional. Since then, he had been faithful and he is trying to save money to make a future with her.
to discover something which will get his name on the map and to retire from sailing comfortably rich.
Character History
Beppin Pasqualigo was born on 20-th of March 1757, in Kefallonia, one of the last Venetian strongholds in the Ionian Sea. He was the son of Andrea Pasqualigo, one of the many Venetian ship captains owning a small polacra and carrying goods in the Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean Seas. He was financed by Il Provedittore, the Governor of the island, who had been also the boy's godfather. Captain Andrea Pasqualigo had taught his son everything he knew, and he benefitted of the tutors of the Governor's son for some more in depth learning in various aspects, including swordmanship.

As Captain Andrea Pasqualigo supported the former Governor, who had been recalled to Venice in late 1770s, he found himself losing his ship in May 1780, seized by the Inquisition after they found that it had been financed by the former Governor of Kefallonia, one of the arrested "conspirators" involved in the commotion attempting to reform the Venetian Republic and remove the monopoly of power enjoyed by the small number of rich patricians to the advantage of the very large number of poor ones. The old captain succeeded not to be arrested, but he remained confined to the land for the rest of his not too long life and he recommended to his son, then aged 23, to get aboard any ship would quickly put some distance between him and his homeland. That happened to be a French ship of the Compagnie Francaise pour le commerce des Indes Orientales, where he applied himself to steady rise in ranks, from master's mate to sailing master, then first mate. He perfected also his fighting skills there - what else to do in the windless, idle afternoons at sea? He learnt French and travel the seas beyond the Cape of Good Hope. He had a few trips across the Atlantic too, as the French were helping the American Revolution and the new-born country. On 3-rd of April 1790 the Company's trade monopoly in that area was abolished by an act of the new French Assembly which enthusiastically declared that the lucrative Far Eastern trade would henceforth be "thrown open to all Frenchmen".

For Beppin, it was the sign that he should return to his homeland, which was now in need of merchant ships, and use all the fortune he had gathered to get a ship and be again what his father had been. Of course, he knew that his own resources were not enough, so he sought support among the noblemen of Venice, who weren't allowed to get businesses in their name, but were always glad to support, as silent partners, some lucrative endeavours. He got a silent partner, then he expanded his customers' list and, slowly, he has started to recover his investment. Would the hard times allow him to keep any savings, though?
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