Fernand Boissier

Fernand Boissier
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Elena Age: 49
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  • tall tales and legends
  • the sea and new places to see
  • money
  • Showing off
  • teaching the young
  • strong storms
  • unfair punishments
  • disdain
  • loneliness
  • crewmates unfit for working in a team
The Basics
Name: Fernand Boissier
Play by: Eduardo Yanez
Gender: Male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Age: 32
Nickname: no polite ones; never listen to sailors' banter!
He is rather tall, with long dark hair caught in a pony tail and brown eyes. Long years of heavy work at sea had shaped his muscles, giving him a trained strength he uses, on feast days, by taking part in various competitions.

He wears a normal sailor’s clothes: a linen shirt, canvas trousers, a sash, a neckerchief, cheap shoes. During work, his head is covered by a bandanna, keeping the hat only for shore leaves. A better looking set of clothes and a rather fancy coat, albeit not new, are completing the looks meant for a shore leave.
Fernand is a simple man, without noble aspirations. He is a survivor, living day to day and taking them as they are. He is into the simple pleasures of life: an evening of rest after heavy work, a day of seeing around a new town, eating, drinking and making merry. He is rather friendly and respectful, unless the other's attitude had pissed him off, but superficial in his relationships to people, he had learnt that people come and go, and one should be able to fend for himself, because nobody else would do it. He is an experienced sailor one can rely on, because he had learnt that a shoddy work could put all of them in danger. As for the recent events in his homeland, he agrees with the Jacobine cause, but he is a quieter supporter, not a man passionate for a cause.

Superstitious and stubborn in his beliefs, Fernand tries his best to keep out of trouble, however trouble finds him. If he liked blood and fighting, he would have joined the Navy, at least in the heavy recruiting moments; but he doesn't. Nevertheless, if he has to defend himself in a tavern brawl or something, he is rather proficient in using his knife, where his fists are not enough. He likes bragging that some night robbers had felt its taste.

Once he fell in love, he is faithful, gentle and overprotective.

He has patience with the young people, remembering he had been one once, teaching them the basics of seamanship. In the free time, he is also playing with wood, carving out of it various things. Due to some knowledge of carpentry, caught in his early years at sea from more experienced crewmates, he is also useful in the ship's maintenance.

Besides his native Provensal, he speaks also French, some Venetian and Spanish, as caught during his various trips and from international crewmates.
To live a long life and never know hunger again.
Character History
Born on 30-th of May 1760, in Bordeaux, in a fisherman’s family, the youngest of the many children, he got the name of the saint of the day, how it was rather common then. Fernand had gone to sea since he was 12, joining a merchant ship as a ship boy and swearing not to smell like fish anymore.

Since then, his life story is of jumping ship a few times, until he had settled aboard the gabarre "Rigolette", four years ago. The captain was sort of all right; he had known worse before. Things started being tough when the captain found himself unable to pay their wages for several months, due to financial problems which ended in selling the ship. The new captain and owner paid them everything due, and asked for willing crewmates to remain aboard if the ship changed home port to Venice. He was among those who remained aboard the newly-named "Colomba". Where else to go?

He had learnt to read and write due to a sailing master's interest in the boy, but he couldn't go past simple calculations. Even if he can add and subtract and multiply enough not to be cheated in the market, this had limited his further evolution, showing that he was meant to remain an able seaman. He is a good rigger and he likes the life at sea. The crew and the ship are his only family and home now, given that he has nobody to wait for him ashore: the parents are dead, the siblings have their own families, and no relationship had lasted enough to make him want to marry... at least, until he arrived to Venice with "Colomba", in December 1791...
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