Leonardo Armenius

Leonardo Armenius
This character is played by:
Atrice Age: 35
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  • Men
  • Women
  • Pleasure
  • Wine
  • Fun
  • Priests
  • Fire
  • Humid weather
  • His half-sister Renata
  • Living on the streets
The Basics
Name: Leonardo Armenius
Play by: Jackson Rathbone
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 22
Nickname: Leo, Leo Frascati
Standing just about 5’10” tall and with an athletic build, Leonardo stands out when he enters a place. His green eyes will haunt anyone in the room, often with an impish and mischievous expression – as if he’s always up to something, and this is most likely the truth. His brown hair is often half-long and tousled, easily caught by the wind. He likes to dress in white, green and blue colors and often enjoys wearing a hat upon his head.
Leonardo is young, hyper and apparently his body is still overflowing with hormones. He's used to getting what he wants - most of his life he had no parents and his uncle was far more open towards what Leo could and could not do, than any of his now deceased parents were. He likes to talk and he likes pleasure - so working as a prostitute isn't all bad for Leonardo, despite that he does not plan on doing it forever. He can be very charming in a boyish way and likes to play pranks and have fun. He grew up among whores, and after his mother left, they were all his mothers and eventually his lovers too. Leo knows a lot about sex and pleasure, both about how to give it and how to take it. And he likes to experiment. After he decided to take revenge on his sister for murdering his father, he decide to become a prostitute to make her more open towards him, once they met again. He has spent the last two years as a prostitute in his own brothel, serving both women and men there. But Leonardo knows how to put on an act and it won’t be hard to tell, when you finally meet the real Leo, hidden beneath the playful façade. And the real Leo means business.
Framing his sister for murdering his father
Taking over his sister's brothel and stop working as a prostitute
Character History
1770 – Leonardo is born. His mother is a former courtesan and his father a pimp. Their name Armenius is said to be traced back to ancient Rome, where the first Elysium brothel was founded. Leonardo learns to be proud of his ancient name and heritage.

1773 – Leonardo’ half-sister Renata arrives to the brothel. They share the same mother.

1778 - His father is murdered by Renata – who runs away with the woman they both call mother. Leonardo is the one who finds his father murdered in his sister’s bed. The brothel is taken over by Leonardo’ uncle.

1786 – 16 years old, Leonardo finally loses his virginity to a whore in the brothel. Meanwhile he also helps his uncle run the place. After he’s lost his virginity, he enjoys giving orders to the girls and uses them for his own pleasure. He takes lessons too though; he wants to know everything about pleasure.

1790 – Leonardo hears rumors about a brothel in Venice, run by a woman called Renata Frascati – his sister. He decides to seek her out and find out why she murdered his father. And perhaps take her brothel from her, as revenge. He builds up an alibi first, as a prostitute himself and becomes quite good at it.

1792 – Arrival to Venice as a skilled prostitute to both men and women. His real agenda is finding his sister however and get revenge on her somehow, for murdering his father.
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