Katherine Morgan

Katherine Aileen Morgan
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Atrice Age: 35
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  • Sailing
  • The sea
  • Swords
  • Pleasure
  • Fighting
  • Criminals
  • Pirates
  • Brutes
  • Drunks
  • Acting like a proper lady
The Basics
Name: Katherine Aileen Morgan
Play by: Kaya Scodelario
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight, but curious
Age: 20
Nickname: Kate, Kathy
Tall for a woman, Katherine stands 5’6” tall, sometimes feeling as if she towers over other smaller women. She imagines she inherited the height from her father – from whom she also inherited her wide, blue eyes, although the shape of them is most likely from her mother. Her figure is slender, with quite the handsome bosom and pale skin with freckles here and there. She easily blushes, both from heat, excitement and embarrassment and her blush appears strong when it happens. Her cheeks practically glow. Kate has long, dark brown hair, with waves when it has just been wet. She enjoys wearing practical clothes, but she also wants to look her best at all times and so she does wear corsets.
Kate is quite the adventurous and curious young woman. She is rarely afraid of anything and she loves exploring new places and people. She’s no virgin; she has had her escapades with men for years and she enjoys them too. Really she is probably supposed to look for a possible suitor, but she’s not all that busy. She enjoys her free life. Kate likes most things in life, but if there is one thing she hates, it’s the same as what her father hated… pirates, criminals and drunks. Pirates murdered her father and she is still, ten years after his death, on the lookout for whomever killed her beloved father, who spoiled her when he was still alive. She has his blood and his spirit; she has quite the temper and likes to take control and be in charge. Often she will hate it when others try to tell her what to do or how to behave.
Finding the pirate who murdered her father and kill him
Live life as she pleases and marry when she pleases
Character History
Katherine Aileen Morgan was born in the year 1772 in Kingston in the Caribbean. Her father was the infamous pirate hunter Rhett Morgan – and her mother was a wealthy merchant’s daughter called Abigail. Rhett had always been a womanizer in the past, but after he met Abigail, she made him settle down and marry. Not a year later came Katherine. She was 6 years old when her father, who had a rather wicked passion for blades and other sharp items, began teaching her how to use a sword. Katherine absolutely adored her father and he spoiled her, giving her presents whenever he was able to do that. He also promised that once she grew into a woman, that he’d take her with him on a hunt for pirates.

Pirates, however, also hunted Rhett Morgan. And when Katherine was 10 years old, she and her mother received the news that Rhett Morgan had fallen during another fight against the pirates. The notorious pirate hunter was no more. Abigail, Katherine’s mother, was stricken with grief and stuck to her chamber during the next few years. Luckily, Rhett’s mother, Aileen, also lived with them and she took care of Katherine. When Katherine was 13 years old, she, Aileen and Abigail travelled to Aileen and Rhett’s mother country, Scotland. Aileen was old and died later that same year, after their arrival to Scotland.

Katherine was 14 years old, when her mother met a French nobleman and went with him to France, taking Katherine with them of course. Katherine refused to change her name though; she would honor her father forever. She continued to practice her swordfighting, as her father taught her. Despite her mother’s attempts, Katherine refused to settle down to be a proper and noble young lady. She was more like her father; she loved fighting and fencing, she had a longing for adventure, a hatred towards pirates and now that she was growing into a woman, she became more and more curious about the opposite gender. She was 16 years old when she lost her virginity, but she didn’t tell her mother.

When Katherine was 19 years old, her mother fell ill and died from the decease. Katherine was left alone, in France, with no one but her stepfather, who never understood her. At least he was clever enough to send her away because of the French Revolution, hoping that the daughter of his now late wife wouldn’t fall to the revolutionaries. Katherine was sent to live with a governess in Venice, away from the revolution. And towards new adventures!
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