Agustin Barbaro

Agustin Gabriele Barbaro
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Elena Age: 49
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  • music, literature, arts
  • foregn languages
  • teaching the young
  • his wolf puppy
  • charity
  • weapons and wars
  • heresy and sins
  • injustice
  • liars and traitors
  • cruelty
The Basics
Name: Agustin Gabriele Barbaro
Play by: Diego Olivera
Gender: male
Sexuality: celibate - for a priest is the only way.
Age: 25
Nickname: none
Agustin is dark-haired, with his hair arranging on his nape in wide curls. His light brown eyes have a kind gaze and his height keeps him on the average side among the members of San Giorgio Monastery's choir. He is usually dressed in priestly habit and he can be often seen playing with the cross rosary at his neck.

Sometimes he wants to blend in, especially in certain neighbourhoods known not for their love of priests, and then he has a simple brown suit, appropriate for a middle class man, received as a gift from his beloved.
A devoted Christian, he likes praying and spending time in the silence of the church. Due to his chosen vocation, he has been partially sheltered from the reality of everyday town life, so he has kept a certain degree of naivety which he would get rid of, maybe, only after becoming a priest actively taking confessions and learning the hard way how real life outside the monastery looks like.

Being from a privileged family, he still has problems with learning to practice actively humility and turning the other cheek.

Agustin loves his family, despite being estranged from them, and especially his youngest sister, Ilaria, whom he remembers fondly as a 8-10 years old spirited girl, asking him always to play with her. Afterwards, since he went to the seminary, he had seldom seen her, only a few times a year, at the greatest holidays.

He has a talent for foreign languages, having learnt Toscan (the literary dialect which will become later the official Italian language), Latin, Greek, French and Spanish and an innate diplomacy which helps him deal with all kind of people, but this diplomacy is at odds with an inherited vanity he is trying actively to combat.

He fell in love with Michela Cellini in January 1792 (without knowing that she was a courtesan), and after the first struggles inherent to a late-blooming first love, he had succeeded to keep his vows and to convert his feelings into the ideal courtly love, adoring her from the distance, without sin.
to make a difference in some people's life, be it through missionary work, charity or something else
- to become a doctor in Theology (which is what he is preparing for)
Character History
The family Barbaro was old, noble and rich, descending from ancient Rome and being among the patricians of Venice for almost 1,000 years. They could be found in chronicles (including in scandalous situations) but all recognized their influence. And it was the family tradition to have several children. The first male was always the heir of the family assets, according to the law. The following boys of the Barbaros, according to the tradition, had to make themselves a name and a fortune by choosing a career among Army, Navy, Clergy.

The second son of Almoro Barbaro, Agustin, was born on the 28-th of August 1766. He liked learning, praying, singing and playing the fortepiano, but he didn't like fencing and he stubbornly refused to learn how to wield a firearm. His vocation was obviously the Church. A seminary led by Benedictine friars had been chosen for his studies, then he was admitted at the University of Venice, a prestigious institution founded in 1470 (with a Barbaro among the founding members too), studying Theology while having been ordained as a deacon at San Giorgio Monastery.

He was consecrated as priest on Easter 1792 and got assigned a parish in June 1792.
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