Jean-Luc de Mercier

Jean-Luc René de Mercier
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The Basics
Name: Jean-Luc René de Mercier
Play by: Billy Wirth
Gender: Male
Sexuality: French
Age: 52
Nickname: Jean-Luc, The Master
Jean-Luc was born to be exactly as he was, noble and aristocratic. He is of a tall height with long legs and narrow hips. His shoulders are broad and he carries himself with a certain pomp that can only be bred with gold. Though his notable limp and inability to walk without his cane makes him appear a bit less at first, he makes up for it with sharp manners. Despite his age his hair has remained a deep black that only reflects very few strands of fine spider silk white. His face is made of sharp lines and his frame despite his disability appears to be held together well, but sometimes when he doesn't think anyone is watching his pain slips through the cracks in the masks he wears.
He has never been a very severe man, though those that knew him in his earliest years felt that he had the making of a madman and the smile of the very devil himself. Though he was not so quick to charm a room with his wit and quick mind, Jean-Luc could engulf the masses with his lectures on philosophy and dreams of a bigger tomorrow. Like his father before him he did not let his title and nobility get in the way of finding his love of the common and their simple ideas of science. He is a very devoted man when it comes to his education and is much the same with his children.

His laugh is contagious, though rare, and it is not uncommon to find a small gathering of bright pupils in his wake nearly every where he goes.
To see his children happy and settled.
To know his grandchildren.
Character History
The de Mercier name is form a very long line and the blood runs as thick as the wine they are known for. The vineyard and estates of the name are some of the finest in all of France, and it has afforded the title a great amount of equity. He went to the best schools, with the best educators, and only the very best in private lessons. The first born and only son, there was of course many obligations that were upon him, and with his father's desire to retire he pressured Jean-Luc into marrying young.

Beautiful, in only the way a young aristocrat could be, Jean-Luc was of the sort that could not be tied down. He sailed through his university years with as much vigor as any, and he was certainly not willing to be held down so quickly. Yet, with the passing of his mother and the ailment of his father's heartache the rain started, and with it the destruction of an entire crop put a strain on the nerves of Lord de Mercier. Jean-Luc married the widow of the neighboring estate in a deal that his father assured his would be the best, and despite her being so much older than he they had three sons. She was a dull woman with little hopes and dreams of anything outside of her own survival and even in bed she was as cold as they came, but she served him well in servicing his sons despite how she had little to do with their upbringing. The Madame de Mercier drank heavily and sometimes in her fits she would be so violent that she would try and catch ablaze the estate and blame that of the de Mercier name on the death of her late husband. She was a cruel woman and never forgave herself for that death and sometimes would even take it out on the children that were not supposed to be colored like their father, Jean-Luc, but her former husband, Raoul. It also didn't help that her husband was unfaithful to her as often as he could be, and was even so bold as to flaunt his mistress before her. However, in the early spring just after the birth of their youngest child, Jean-Luc met a milkmaid that would forever leave her imprint on him.

From that affair a daughter was born and though it is uncertain exactly what happened to her mother she was brought up in the home of the de Mercier, and the town was ablaze with the scandal. It was said that this was what truly became his decline, and from the loss of his beloved Milkmaid he became a shell of his former life and fell heavily into politics just to escape his life at home.

The new bastard in the home became his wife's target, and though the years that led up to his wife's death were blurry he could only remember the way Laurent his youngest stood over her body with her head in his hands and he knew that this would be the day everything truly changed. When he buried the body in the rose garden his youngest would sail out the next day and forever part from his side. Genevieve off on her own, Laurent to the Navy, the middle son and oldest both serving the crown already, he was pleased to be free from the estate and sold it with his shares to flee to Paris.

From there he lived in the midst of greatness and change, but now with all the fires upon the crown he too took his finances and fled to the South. This time he purchased a space in the city and commissioned a theater to live out a childhood dream. Rumor has it he got wind of his son's troubles and he came to clean up the mess once more.

Trouble in paradise would have him shift his attention once more to the North and settle into Venice in hopes to live out the rest of his days in peace. Though...that love of blood and the ever open desire for educating keeps him in good company with the dark.
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