Jian Li Song

Jian Li Song
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  • Slavers
  • Revenge
  • Sailing
  • Cold
The Basics
Name: Jian Li Song
Play by: Jang Geun Suk
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heartbroken
Age: 30
Nickname: Monk
At barely half of five feet, Jian’s small stature is often misleading. The first sign of a man’s poor judgement is in deeming an opponent unworthy just by size alone, for greater the height--harder the fall, and Jian is swift to put many of men upon their backs. Though it is his ink black hair and narrowed amber eyes that paint the picture of his cultural heritage Jian is pale in comparison to his brethren, and almost effeminate by the smooth nature of his skin and narrow features of his face. Though he is known to be very silent his eyes often give away his moods, but it is the very rare act of smiling that can often win over even the hardest of hearts.

As traditional as he can be given the wear on his clothing and how far away he is from home Jian often dresses for traveling. Having traveled a great deal by foot he understands the need for good boots, but more often than not wears slippers with easy replaceable soles and good strong bindings. Jian keeps with muted colors and lightweight fabrics, and though his traditional garbs are long forgotten it is not beyond him to attempt to be formal in the privacy of his chambers with old forgotten robes that he keeps hidden in his trunk. At first glance he would appear as any seafaring scoundrel would, but while fancy feathers and wide brimmed hats adorn the heads of pirates and captains alike, he still enjoys his coolie and the comfort it provides while protecting his eyes from the sun.
On days when the sun is at it’s highest and the sands are boiling hot Jian’s determination and discipline to his daily routine see him no different. As if mourning the loss of his soul he keeps to his tasks with such dedication that even the rise and fall of the tide envy his persistence. Poised and perfected his formal manners often make up for the otherwise lack of personality, but his closed off nature prevents anyone from getting close enough to see beyond his silence. He speaks when spoken to but even that is rare and often one-sided as many are afraid of what they do not understand. Having narrowly survived the long journey from China he would have war stories like the rest to be told around the fires at night, but often slips away in favor of silence. Though he speaks English well he is often self conscious about carrying a conversation, and that fear carefully breaks through his well guarded walls upon the first few meetings.

Often kind and gentle, Jian came into this world on one of the coldest nights of the year and meets every expectation of a child born within the mountains. Years of hard work and dedication have built within him a steady work ethic and an even stronger will to be tested. And though he smiles so rarely, Jian is fond of life, but one does have to wonder what it is this little monk is doing so far from home.

So few know his true name and even less know of what this little fighter is capable of, but pushed to a point he is bound to snap and harbors that knowledge as if though he mourns it. When the silks are pulled away and the layers of ice forced through, there is a story of undoing that haunts every one of his steps, and he carries a weight on thin shoulders as though it would be his death.
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Character History
Jian Li Song, was born beneath the shadows of the Shaolin Temple, his small village having harboured the legends that came with the rise and fall of the warrior monks. And with and imperial donation Shaolin was once again on the rise. Jian studied alongside many boys from his hometown, but excelled at nearly twice their pace. With the empty-hand fighting nearly eclipsing that of the staff or even that of the sword he learned at a very tender age to accept his small frame and use it to his advantage. However, with the constant weary eye of the Emperor, Shaolin was not as it once was, reforming more every year to better serve their country the pressure often led the monks to non-traditional habits such as drinking and the undoing of their vows of chastity.

The little monk who was often silent as he turned a blind eye to the corruption around him found himself listening to a traveler speak by the fireside of a world outside the great walls, and of a sea that could take them anywhere they wanted. More and more he became curious of this ocean until the very thought of it consumed him, and the little monk left the temple knowing that he would never return. Having harboured great guilt, he walked the road at such a tender age without once looking over his shoulder, and to this would find his biggest downfall. Strangers spoke of darker things, like blood money and trade routes that would lead him around the world and he struggled with letting go of his selfish desires to always want to go further. By the time he reached the main ports a guild of tradesmen were always looking for young, eager scholars to learn the languages of those that passed through the port. Jian became a master of many the moment he was given the chance, and paid for his efforts by returning favors and carrying out little tasks that eventually lead to the first death to be caused by his hands.

The sea was dark that night, and what was supposed to be a quick run turned out to be a bloodbath as he was set up to assassinate a few members of the Co-hong who had gone rogue. In the fight of his life he with the help of a few other runners sought their revenge by setting fire to nearly every Hong shop in Canton. The screams in the night could not echo more than that of the heartache he had caused, but Jian could not reach the city in time, and the guilt that came from killing all of those innocent lives sank in as he stole away on a Spanish ship heading towards the West Indies. The black flagged Spanish ship was eventually attacked by an English ship where Jian was taken to be sold as a slave. After enduring the suffering that came along with that lifestyle, Jian fought for his freedom and through a few small graces and a bit of luck--found it. He stole away aboard another ship, this one heading South and once they made landfall he took to the wild with the vow to never come back out.

Finding his voice and his path he fell into the Shadow Wars with great drive and with a powerful position. Finding the relic of his mission, Jian also found love. Yet, the moment when the danger of his task crossed over to Donovan, Jian fled and took with him the relic to never return.
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