Victoria Maxwell

Victoria Frances Maxwell
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The Basics
Name: Victoria Frances Maxwell
Play by: Nina Dobrev
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: Twenty One
Nickname: Tori
Victoria stands just about average height, with just past shoulder length hair of dark chocolate brown. Framing soft near almond shaped eyes. She was born with Heterochromia. She has complete Heterochromia, where both eyes are different: One of her eyes is Blue, the other Green.

One can describe her skin as flawless cream. Great lengths taken to preserve her fair skin. Victoria burns quite easily, she spends much of her time indoors to protect her fair skin.

Her frame is found to be shapely from wearing corsets from a young age, the corsets have reshaped what would have been a narrow, waifish figure. She is rather a stunning beauty for her age and will be more so as a grown adult.

Often one can find her wearing long sleeved gowns of the latest London fashion in pale shades of green and light tartan patterns to accent her pale skin and dark hair. With the rare exception of a deep burgundy silk ball gown for parties. All which pair well with her eyes rather startling.

Victoria loves to wear hats, often she can be seen wearing one with lavish feather decorations that complete her dress, with gloves for her hands most of the time.
Victoria is a very quiet young woman, shy around people she does not know well but she comes to life once, one gets to know her. She wishes she was not bound by rules and tradition, always feeling that her fate and destiny is never her own. That a man, be it her father, brother, future husband...if she found one. Always seem to control her future. She admires the lower class business women for their shrewdness and ability to at least partially control their own future. Though Victoria in polite company would never voice her admiration towards these women.

She can be quite vivacious, once she comes out of her shell and is comfortable around someone. But never to the point that she breaks societal rules or brings shame upon herself. She already feels enough shame for having two different colored eyes and being different from everyone else. Her manners are quite charming and while she is flirty it is never crass, lude or improper.

Tori, as she prefers to be called. Could be described as a pacifist. Always searching for a peaceful solution in a quarrel. She believes in saving face and swallowing one’s pride if they must. Though by no means does she do this unless its absolutely necessary. There are times Victoria has the desire to be impertinent, generally when she feels that she has been slighted. Often she has struggled through society with a social stigmatism that she is such a lovely girl but her eyes are a witches eyes some had said. She has struggled with the belief that all though she is an heiress she will die alone and unmarried. Because what noble family would sully themselves with a girl whose eyes are oddly colored.
To have a lovely wedding that people will talk about for years. And to pen her life in a memoir
Character History
Being the youngest of Lord Maxwell’s brood, Victoria got by with more mischief than her brothers ever did. She was by no means spared her father's rod, but she was allowed to be a little less constrained. Some would say her parents were tired by the time she was born. They already had two rambunctious older boys and her mother had suffered a series of unfortunate miscarriages by the time Victoria was born. The family physician recommended that Victoria be the last child they attempt; that if Caleb II tried for another son, he’d likely kill his wife.

The elder Caleb was rather not interested in his youngest child, she was a girl and therefore weak by nature. Unable to provide anything for the family but a suitable marriage alliance in the future. Victoria was whisked away by a milk nanny and later a governess. Victoria was educated in art, history, reading, writing, latin and french. The finer points of dance, singing. She plays the violin quite well enough for an audience and is often asked to play for entertainment after dinner at parties. Tori is skilled enough for a noble woman at needlepoint, though she finds it tedious and boring. Like her mother before her accident, she loves to ride. She rides quite well and has been known to be invited fox hunting. Victoria would rather be riding and hunting then sewing samplers and embroidered table cloths.

Victoria was given the proper education for a young lady when she turn Fifteen her parent’s held her first debutante ball and presented her at court. As now eligible for courting, but the experience had not gone so well. Two young men were interested, but one shipped off for the army, and the other died in an unfortunate duel over a gambling debt while in Venice.

Vivian in despair over the lack of interest in Victoria decided after much cajoling and begging of her husband that they should send their daughter abroad. After all, Kingston was practically its own country with a social season and their son Caleb was stationed there. It made perfect sense to her, that Caleb “launch Victoria” on Kingston society like she was cannon. Lord Maxwell, while not fond of the idea, could not argue with Vivian’s logic. His second son was stationed there and seemed to be doing well enough for himself, not to mention, it put Victoria out of his hair for at least a year or more. Along with forcing Caleb when he was in port to escort his sister around to parties. Pawning off on his son, the duty of finding a suitable life mate for her. While at the same time, it kept Vivian happy. If Vivian was not happy, no one was happy.

A letter was sent to Caleb, informing him of his sister's impending arrival, her many trunks were packed. Along with her small named lap dog "Ruby". Her father had arranged for Victoria's finances to be billed directly to him, along with letters of credit for the bank and a large sum of money to be used to meet any furnishing needs that Victoria might have. Along with another lump sum that was to be used to keep her in the height of fashion. she was after all an eligible debutante.

Just after a day after Victoria's arrival Caleb Maxwell had decided he would move his family to Port De Paix as he grew tired of spending it between the two Islands. Leaving a forwarding address with the postmaster of the Isle.

It was during the winter social season that she arrived and was chauffeured to all the winter parties. And by the time summer season had come about she was presented with an offer of marriage by Lieutenant William Aubrey. It would be a long fall as both parties had to wait for Lord Maxwell to agree to the contract all the way from England, even if Caleb was in charge of her care. The documents still required her father's seal of approval.

While waiting for her father's seal of approval Caleb still presented his sister to Society still. A crime befell Victoria and her womanly honor was tainted by pirates that kidnapped and ransomed his sister while doing the unspeakable to her. Making her a soiled dove. Her engagement was withdrawn at the thought her honor was forever blemished. And the revelation that Victoria had still held flames of attraction towards a man a class below her...a man named Thomas Parker. A match that Caleb had strictly forbid. Absolutely not he said as he packed her trunks himself. Hearing of the name Thomas Parker and declaration of she loved him. Caleb shipped Victoria to Venice where his orders had come from. She could not cause too much trouble in Venice, could she?
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