Francesco Zanotta

Francesco Luciano Zanotta
This character is played by:
Elena Age: 49
and all questions can be directed
  • his little sister
  • swords and knives
  • pretty women
  • being praised
  • merry making
  • his little brother Mario
  • those who mess with his sister
  • those who break the law
  • drunkards
  • washing dishes
The Basics
Name: Francesco Luciano Zanotta
Play by: Henry Cavill
Gender: Male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Age: 26
Nickname: Franc, Cesco
Francesco has a stern, imposing presence with his looming height, wide, sharp shoulders, and sinewy muscles stretched over narrow bones. His greenish brown eyes, always shining with some mischievous and analyzing light, are deep set under thick eyebrows. He wears his dark brown hair long, allowing it to curl down to shoulder length and pulling it back with a thin piece of string when it gets in his way. His skin is naturally tanned, and he often forgets to shave, so he has a stubble.

Elegance is not his strong point, but rather practicality. He isn't dressed in rags, his clothes show his middle class status, however they show also the lack of a feminine eye in choosing the most appropriate attire, unless Anzola decided to give him fashion advice.
Ambitious and perfectionist, Francesco is challenge-oriented. He is ambitious, and sometimes the ambition to surpass others' achievements can turn into envy. He is loyal and very protective of his family and friends. Anzola is his favourite sister, and he gave her the nickname "Piccolina" which means "shorty".

He can be charming and generous when he wants to and he loves pulling pranks and finding reasons for amusement, but this doesn't always happen. If angry or tired, he can be rather blunt and show the colder side of his personality. He is rather reckless and impulsive, letting his hot temper and emotions get the best of himself sometimes, which gets him into trouble. And don't ever cross him or his family, because then he is able to do anything in their defense. His weapon skills can help in this matter...
to see the Drunken Duck prosperous, to travel and see some of the world, and to find a wife with enough dowry to be able to start a business of his own.
Character History
One of the many sons of Ludovico and Lucia Zanotta, born on 13-th of December 1765, Francesco has grown among the customers of the Drunken Duck, learning to help since young. He is the only one of the brothers who can cook. Like all the boys of the family, he has studied at the parish school, getting the basics needed for running a business.

Their father had taught them swordfighting and shooting. Dante d'Ettore, their friend who had grown for a while in the same house, had learnt together with them. Dante left when he was 16, and Francesco continued his training with his older brothers and his father. He was also taught that family comes first, and that his youngest sister, Anzola, needs his protection.

Soon he followed his brothers, joining the Cuirassiers Regiment, enforcing order in town. Actually, their military service is part-time, and in the time not dedicated to patrolling the town, he has to help with the family business, running the Drunken Duck. This gives him too little time with his friends, so almost his whole life revolves around the inn and the family. This is a reason why he envies a little those who have the possibility to travel and see the world.
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