Emaline York

Emaline Roselle York
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Kat Age: 29
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  • Pretty clothes. Jewelry. Other shiny objects.
  • Parties. Dancing. Flirting. Teasing.
  • Pissing off her father.
  • Playing jokes on people.
  • Expensive anything.
  • Boring people. Poor people. Ugly people.
  • People with no fashion sense.
  • Not being allowed to have any fun.
  • Clothes that don't fit properly.
  • Too much sunlight. Bad smells.
The Basics
Name: Emaline Roselle York
Play by: Denit Rozner
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 19
Nickname: Ema, Rose
Average height for a woman, Emaline is the epitome of French aristocracy, albeit a bit on the thin side, with a thin waist, ample hips, and pale skin. Her features are delicate, nearly elfin, with a pert nose and full lips that are often seen to be smiling impishly, paired with a pair of deep brown eyes that are nearly black, and more often than not filled with a mischievous sparkle. She does her best to make up for her small breasts by emphasizing their perky and shapely nature with corsets and low-cut tops. Her most noticeable feature is her hair, which is a vivid golden-red tumble of unruly curls and falls just past her shoulders, that she often augments to a slightly darker and more daring shade of auburn when she's feeling particularly saucy - which is frequently.
Emaline could be easily described in just one word: Tart. Wildly flirtatious and renowned in Paris for her tendency to draw trouble from both genders - whether it be for leading on the wrong man, getting caught kissing a woman, or turning couples against each other - Emaline has no sense of propriety or modesty. Aside from her romantic deviance, she's a typical French aristocrat: Spoiled, snobbish, and fond of spending money. She's also a notorious prankster who loves to pull tricks on those who stir her mischievous nature, which could be just about anyone. She has a sharp mind, although she often hides this, using it in conjunction with her innocent appearance to make others underestimate her - this makes it much easier to play her pranks, and to unleash the full brunt of her sharp tongue on those who rouse her anger.. which is very easy to do, as she's a temperamental, tempestuous, feisty little minx. Creative and manipulative, she's very good at getting what she wants, and doing whatever it takes to get her way.
Finally being free from her father. Not having to ever worry about her future again.
Character History
As with most of the French aristocracy, Emaline was brought into the world with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her mother was of old blood, a Therese St. Laurence before she married Renois St. Pierre, a match made more for political reasons than those of love. Emaline was the apple of her father's eye, his little princess from the very beginning - everything she wanted, she got, and she was constantly showered with gifts and attention. Growing up in this lifestyle, with all the silk dresses, jewelry, and ponies she could want, was paired with the best private education a girl could need, resulting in a precocious and exceedingly spoiled girl, well aware of her status in the world and gifted in the ways of how to twist everyone around her little finger to get exactly what she desired.

Emaline's world was turned on end when she was eleven years old. Her parents had never been able to conceive another child, and after more than a decade of constant fighting, decided it would be best to get a divorce. Therese resumed her maiden name and returned to her family in England, but believing that the secret world of her family's business was no place for her daughter, left Emaline with Renois. Although she missed her mother, the two had never been close, and so Emaline was content to remain with her father. Until he married a woman who was closer to Emaline's age than his own, who gave him a son within their first year of marriage. Suddenly finding herself displaced from the pedestal on which her father had put her, replaced by a squalling infant with different parts, Emaline sought new ways to get the attention she craved. She began acting out, her naturally mischievous nature manifesting in pranks that ranged from simple and harmless to elaborate and anything but harmless. Attempts to send her to boarding schools resulted in multiple expulsions, and he resigned himself to the fact that his daughter would be nowhere other than in Paris with him.

Around the time she was sixteen, Emaline began finding new ways to get the devotion she craved most in this world. She'd blossomed from a pretty girl into a beautiful young woman, and she absolutely noticed the looks that men - and women - were giving her. Realizing that plying her newly-discovered feminine wiles was an excellent way to get attention from people of all ages and both genders, she developed a tendency for attending high society parties every night, where she spent her time perfecting the arts of flirtation, seduction, and deception. It wasn't long at all before she gained a reputation for being a notorious tart, often being found in compromising situations with men and women both, although she was careful never to get herself into anything she couldn't extract herself from. By the time she was eighteen, her father was at wit's end, unable to control his wild daughter despite all his attempts to do so - it seemed that every time he tried to rein her in, it only got worse, and no amount of punishment or chastising seemed to work. Contacting his ex-wife's kin, he begged them to put him in touch with Therese for help, only to find that she was dead. Instead, his plea was turned upon the St. Laurence family, who provided him with a solution: If he would consent to it, Emaline would be welcomed in the house of one of the family in Saint-Domingue, where she would be molded into a proper lady. In exchange, he would continue to supply her with money, but never instigate contact again, as they intended to make her a part of the family business.

Unhappy with the stipulations but feeling as though he had no other choice, Renois informed Emaline that she would be put on the first ship out of Paris to Port-de-Paix shortly after her eighteenth birthday. Much to his surprise, Emaline was thrilled - she'd developed a hatred for her father over the prior seven years, and was eager to be away from him. Sensing freedom was near, she happily packed up her considerable belongings and boarded the ship, ready to see this world she believed was made just for her, full of beautiful people and endless opportunities for mischief and fun. Her face turned toward the setting sun, Emaline believed the world was finally hers for the taking.

She spent a few blissful weeks with her family in Port-de-Paix, truly feeling like someone who was worth something for the first time in her life, rather than something to be coddled, tolerated, and used for their own ends. She was taught how to defend herself, how to truly use her wiles for subterfuge. It was a fateful encounter that nearly resulted in her rape which led her to meet Theodore York, an upstanding man of the British Navy who was stationed in Port-de-Paix. For the first time in her life, Emaline felt her heart truly stir, and she came to a firm conclusion: She would make him hers, no matter what it took. She began to devote her attentions to subtly luring Theodore in, trying to get beneath his skin and make him want her.

Then the unexpected happened and tragedy struck: The St. Laurence family, under threat from an enemy unknown to Emaline, packed up and left Saint-Domingue, abandoning the girl to run the manor by herself. Distraught and uncertain what to do, Emaline fled to the comfort of Theodore, who managed to calm the girl, and promised to stay by her side as she figured out what to do. She somehow persuaded the man that they should court, and thus began a tentative, shy relationship. Things were progressing slowly, much to Emaline’s irritation, when Theodore announced that his ship was being deployed, and he had no knowledge of where it would be berthed afterward. Though unhappy at the separation, Emaline resolved to write him regularly, and did her best to distract herself when his ship pulled out of port. Much to her surprise, not long after, a letter arrived from her father, stating that she was to return to Paris immediately and marry one of his business associates, a man who was many years her senior. Emaline of course replied with her refusal, wanting to stay with Theodore.

She was horrified when her father appeared on her doorstep. Heartbroken and angry, Emaline penned a quick letter to Theodore stating that she was returning to Paris at her father’s insistence, as well as where to write her if he chose, before her father hauled her onto a ship and dragged her back to Paris. Miserable months were spent preparing for the wedding she didn’t want, and being forced into situations with her geriatric of a husband. It was in December that she received a letter from Theodore, informing her that his ship had been assigned to the port of Venice, and that he hoped she would be able to visit him soon. Emaline struggled briefly with what to do, then began to sneakily hoard as much money as she could. Mere days before her wedding, she packed her possessions and with her squirreled-away money in hand, she took her father’s fastest coach and team to Venice, a desperate plan in her mind.

Her arrival in Venice one stormy night heralded a whirlwind series of events that resulted in Emaline married to Theodore. Although they had to overcome some self-imposed obstacles at first, the two soon found themselves deeply in love with each other. For the first time, Emaline has hope for the future.
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