Lucilla Trevisan

Lucilla Saveria Trevisan
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Kat Age: 29
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  • Money -- the more the better.
  • The finer things in life. Rich red wine.
  • Having powerful men and women at her beck and call.
  • Her surroundings and person being immaculate and perfect at all times.
  • Perfection in general, really.
  • Poor people. People who talk too much.
  • People who don’t acknowledge how perfect she is.
  • Animals and the various unpleasant scents and dirtiness that come with them. Children, for the same reasons.
  • The French. The British.
  • Imperfection.
The Basics
Name: Lucilla Saveria Trevisan
Play by: Monica Bellucci
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 36
Nickname: Cilla
Tall, stately, and curvaceous, Lucilla is a striking, beautiful figure. And she knows it. She always dresses to impress, with the most recent of fashions and the most flattering of colors, decked in just enough jewelry to show off but not enough to be gaudy. Her hair, which falls to the middle of her back, is pure black and slightly wavy, usually pinned up so as to accentuate the line of her neck. Her eyes are a dark shade of green that often makes them appear black in certain lights, and they are sharp, observant, and calculating -- much like the mind that hides behind that lovely face.
There are so many words that go into describing Lucilla. Vain. Confident. Haughty. Cunning. And those are just a few. In a world where women are seen as inferior, Lucilla uses this generalization to her own ends, manipulating men and women alike as easily as most people breathe. Whether this is with skillful political maneuvering, subtle deceptions, or that age-old technique of seduction, it matters little. Lucilla knows that in this world, one has to look out for themselves.. and this is something that she excels at. She cares for no one but herself, though she’s very good at making others think she cares. Impressions are everything, after all.
To become the most sought-after woman in Venice. To get revenge on her bastard of an ex-husband. To become ridiculously wealthy. One day, she really wants to possess her own private island.
Character History
Born to the patriarch of the Trevisan family and his wife, Lucilla was the second child of seven, and the first of three girls. As such, she was her father’s precious princess, given nothing but the finest since she was just a baby. It didn’t take long for highly intelligent Lucilla to learn how to twist both her mother, her father, and her big brother Nicolo around her finger to get whatever she wanted, whether it was the finest in jewelry, silks, and satins, or the newest fashions. She was good at fluttering her lashes and pouting her lips and getting the servants to tend to her needs first, as well as anything else she wanted.

As she aged, and the precious girl grew into a beautiful young woman, Lucilla began to notice the looks aimed her way by men and women alike. Her abilities for manipulation expanded, learning how to use her newly-discovered feminine wiles to the utmost. She had admirers innumerable, some from as far away as Rome and other parts of Europe, and she was frequently showered with gifts by those who hoped to take her to wife. But Lucilla had learned early on that she only deserved the best, and she had her eyes on the highest prize of all: Marco Romieri, eldest son of the prominent Romieri family, and heir to their considerable fortune.

Lucilla was seventeen when she turned her focus to subtly encouraging Marco to pursue her, and by the time her nineteenth birthday rolled around, they were not only courting, but it was clear that marriage was soon to come. It wasn’t long before their families formalized a marriage contract, and the wedding of the year occurred a few months later. Lucilla was walking on air. She had everything she could’ve wanted: A rich, handsome husband, a sprawling mansion and servants to rule over, and the envy of most of the populace of Venice.

But things didn’t stay painted in rosy shades for long. After six years of marriage, Lucilla had failed to produce any children, and her husband’s attentions were beginning to stray. Desperate to provide him with an heir and keep his money in her pockets, Lucilla began to seek doctors from all across Europe, venturing further and further afield in her attempts to find one who could figure out why she couldn’t conceive, and fix it. Three years passed, and her desperation grew to unfathomable lengths, until finally she turned away from science and to unsavory practices. A renowned ‘witch’ promised her a cure in the form of a potion, and Lucilla paid what the woman asked. The supposed cure nearly killed her, leaving her comatose for months.

When Lucilla finally awakened from her coma after nearly a year, it was to the revelation that her husband was divorcing her for a younger woman, one of his mistresses who was carrying his child. Filled with rage, hate, and a deep desire for vengeance, Lucilla packed up her belongings and vacated what had once been her home. She departed on a long tour of Europe to restore her health and her spirits, and was gone for eight years, lingering in the most popular capitals for years at a time. Upon her return to Venice -- with a substantial amount of wealth whose origins she was always coy about -- she bought a large home for herself and set about throwing lavish parties and taking the most beautiful men and women for her lovers. She was back, and she fully intended to remind everyone that she was the most perfect, desirable woman in Venice.
Referred by Lily
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