Casimiro Adimiri

Casimiro Vitale Adimiri
This character is played by:
Kat Age: 29
and all questions can be directed
  • Effectively swindling people.
  • Not getting caught.
  • Making people laugh.
  • Pretty girls and street urchins.
  • His mother.
  • The authorities.
  • Getting caught.
  • People who don’t care about others.
  • Water that’s too deep for him to stand in.
  • Rude and unpleasant people.
The Basics
Name: Casimiro Vitale Adimiri
Play by: Sam Reece
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Ambiguous.
Age: 23
Nickname: Cas, Miro
Tall and lanky, Casimiro has a body of toned, wiry muscle developed over long years of running around and getting into every kind of trouble he possibly can. The combination of Italian and Middle Eastern blood, with a dash of bronzing from the sun, has given him a skin tone slightly darker than that of the average European citizen, and resulted in a pair of eyes that are a dazzling crystalline blue. His hair, which he wears long and typically allows to fall in a wild and untamed cloud, is a dark shade of brown accented with streaks and highlights of sandy blonde, courtesy of his propensity for being out in the sun a great deal. Much of his upper body is covered with an abundance of tattoos, all of them bearing significant to him in some way or another, and what isn’t tattooed often bears the scars which are a direct result of his less-than-legal line of work. His face is formed of striking angles and pleasing planes that form an altogether exceptionally handsome visage, accented with a neatly-trimmed beard and frequently enhanced by an unaffected, patently charming grin.
Cas can, in a word, be described as charming. With a happy, upbeat temperament that is nigh-on impossible to suppress, he’s constantly looking on the brighter side of things, even when the situation seems hopeless. He has a laugh that has often been described as ‘infectious’, and he takes great pleasure in bringing smiles and laughter to others, often bending over backwards to accomplish this task. Despite his lack of a father figure growing up, he has a very strong sense of loyalty and a steady moral compass, at least when it comes to women and children. He’ll do just about anything to protect a woman or child, including putting himself in extreme danger, and when someone earns his respect and devotion, it takes an extreme betrayal to make him change his mind. His morals in some areas, however, are a bit.. lax. Which is perhaps to be expected for someone who makes their living as a thief. This fact means that he often finds and manages to attract trouble with a disconcerting amount of ease, a trait which is only made all the more apparent thanks to his immense clumsiness and the odd vagaries of luck, both good and bad, which seem to dog his footsteps. For all his good points, Cas isn’t a saint. He has a violent streak and a bit of a temper, and won’t hesitate to lash out with his fists or his words if he gets angry.
To one day have enough money to live honestly. To make something of himself. To provide a better life for his mother.
Character History
While ‘normal’ origins are perhaps an objective opinion, one could easily say that being born to a prostitute and raised in a brothel is anything but normal. Such was the beginning of the life of one Casimiro Vitale Adimiri. Born to Maria Teresa Admiri, a lovely young Venetian courtesan, and an unknown father of Middle Eastern ethnicity, Miro was the darling of the ladies in the brothel from practically the moment he was born. They doted on him and treated him like a beloved nephew, and the brothel’s madam even taught him how to read, write, and do basic arithmetic. Though he knew these skills would come in handy as he grew older, Cas never took to books or learning the way many children did, preferring instead to play with other children of less fortunate means and generally get into trouble.

This didn’t change as he grew older, especially not when he realized that there was extra money to be made in picking pockets, cutting purses, and playing on the sympathies of the rich in the streets. Cas grew up as a rather wild child, taking odd jobs here and there to earn more legitimate money, and as he grew into a roguishly handsome young adult, capitalizing on his ridiculous good looks to model for artists within the canal city.. for a price, of course. As he aged and grew bolder, so too did his illegal pursuits become more daring, but admittedly more lucrative. Despite the strange twists of luck that seem to accompany most of his endeavors, and his tendency toward clumsiness, Cas has been arrested relatively few times, usually managing to get away clear and free.

He was still somewhat young when he earned a reputation as an extremely loyal accomplice with some of the lightest, fastest fingers in Venice. But the rewards of pickpocketing and minor heists only last for so long, and Cas has recently begun seeking to get involved in more lucrative endeavors, ones that will allow him to get his mother out of the brothel and himself off the streets. A young man with big dreams of a normal life can surely find the answer to his wish in a city with such promise, right?
Referred by Lily
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