Lorenz De Masi

Lorenz Orsino de Masi
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Koalaroo Age: 36
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  • Good Wine
  • Good Company
  • Cool Weather
  • Happy Laughter
  • Children
  • Tarts
  • Sour Smells
  • When his sister is late
  • Dark Water
  • Cold Embers
The Basics
Name: Lorenz Orsino de Masi
Play by: Nir Lavi
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Age: 28
Nickname: Lore
Lorenz is everything his twin sister is when it comes ot beauty, yet unlike his sister he is without her soft curves and kind lines. He is angled in the face and tall. His eyes are uncommonly colored but they are also warm and kind. His attire is very practical and certainly lacking in character. He seems to care more for his work, than his appearance - his unruly waves stemming more from lack of care, than an attempt to tame them, cut only short enough to not be in danger of catching fire from his blow works. His beard seems to be a constant 3 - 5 day stubble - again, haphardly cared for practical reasons, rather than vanity.
Lorenz is loyal to say the least. He is kind and quiet, often listening to his heart far more than he should. He is an artist, first and foremost - he not only seems to work to live, but live to work his art. His soul and heart seem to be focused on creation. Glassworks is only just one - if the main - of the manifestations of his need to capture beauty. He draws and paints, scetches - to then bring his work to life on the glass furnaces. When he is fully in the claws of a creative spout, he often appears dreamy and distracted.

None the less, he has a tight grip on reality - as head of the household, he has to. He is an earnest young man, aware of his responsibilities for his sister as well as their ageing parents. He is caring and warm, open and normally quite outgoing, when worry for either finances or Letizia's well-being aren't eating at him. Lore knows how to have a good time and has a penchant for good wines and good company.
To see his sister married, and for him to make enough of a living to perhaps get the family out of debt
Character History
Born into the heart of Murano's glass blowing arts, his path was pre-destined from the moment he could draw his first breath. He apprenticed for arts and glass works under his father's tutelage, as his father had done before him under his father - their family business went back several generations and were well respected and reputed on Murano and beyond. It came as no surprise, when father grew in years, and suffered the ill effects of working the furnaces for decades, that he relinquished the business to Lorenzo.

The twins Lorenzo and Letizia grew up in a wealthy, lavish household. Their family - were it not for the strict laws of Murano citizen not being allowed to meddle in Venetian politics - could have been considered nobles by trade and could have had a strong influence on republican politics. As it was, their success allowed them to be influential in more subtle ways. Ways, that guaranteed their continuous wealth and respect on Murano.

And as such, Murano citizen were proud of their status and their independence from the Venetian Republic, neither Lore, nor his father had any interest in meddling with the nobles, save for selling their wares with success and gaining favour here or there to keep up with their lifestyle and Zia away from the Church' radar. Lore was quite aware of her interests and passions and his loyalty to her outranked any sort of obligation he might feel for state or church.

Historically, it was only thanks to bouts of plagues leaving Murano with a severe lack of workers - the islands' border restrictions were lifted, and so the citizens and the islands' workers were free to move around the Republic as they wished - and in such gain the reputation and influence the de Masis enjoyed. Not that Lore did much with that. Once he took the family business, he learned the hard way that their wealth was based on empty promises, hot air and reputation alone. They had no coin of value to their name.

Needs must, and Lore's quest has ever since been to find a good match for Letizia, in hopes that would help them get out of debt; yet, he had not the heart to force Zia into a marriage she did not want for herself. A most difficult position - and so, he chases his muses in order to create such a stunning piece of glass-works to sell off for enough to give them room to breathe.
Over all this, he (thinks he) has no time to consider any sort of dalliance, or marriage for himself - much to Zia's chagrin.
Referred by Laura
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