Ashlin Greyson

Ashlin Greyson
This character is played by:
Ducky Age: 33
and all questions can be directed
  • a good stiff drink
  • women
  • gambling
  • a hot bath
  • getting someone into his bathtub
  • Shackles
  • Restraints
  • being old what he can and can't do
  • losing a game
  • boring people, people unwilling to help themselves
The Basics
Name: Ashlin Greyson
Play by: Alexander Skarsgard
Gender: Male
Sexuality: would rather not put a label on things
Age: 27
Nickname: Ash, Asher, Jackass
The one thing that stood out about Ashlin was his height; at 6 foot 4, he towered over many a man. The second thing that stood out was his pale skin. It was quite clear he’d never worked days on end out in the hot grueling sun. An then there was his sandy blonde hair… brown…. but blonde… as if his body couldn’t tell which way to go. Hunter Green eyes always seemed hard and judging set above a rather ordinary nose and a tight lined mouth that had seen little smiles through the years and trimmed in the same sandy colored hair of a goatee
Ashlin has a very dry sense of humor. He is also known to be a rather dower sort of companion when he is bored and more often than not… he bores easily. Ashlin is very high nosed. He likes fine things and he likes to throw his money around… he does not like and will irritate quickly at people who caution him against letting his money fly in the wind.
That his parents will one day accept he will not be who they want him to be
That he will one day find an interest in something other than drinking and gambling.
Character History
Ashlin was born the middle child of Franklin and Deanna Greyson in Windsor, Connecticut where his family owned and operated a tobacco farm. Both his mother's family, the Bancroft’s and his Father’s Family the Greyson were among the upper class, his father’s family were not well looked upon, a reason lost on Ashlin the whole of his life. His mother married down in her family's eyes and so for much of Ashlin life, he knew them not.

He was a privileged little shit. That was what people said of him. Always thought money could buy his way out of trouble and for the most part it did. Life was basic and uneventful for Ashlin until he graduated from school and was sent by his parents to Oxford University “in the land of their ancestors” with the idea that Ashlin would study to be a lawyer and aspire to one day be a judge and marry well. Yet dreams are fickle things, like bubbles, they break easily and Ashlin proved to more difficult than they could've imagined.

He was thrown out of school and had to flee England because of his association with a lady. It was then that Ashlin came to knew his mother's family, in the form of his mother's oldest brother, Hamlin, whom had moved to Saint Domingue who had decided in his to retire there… for God knew what reason, the man's mouth was as tight lipped as his purse strings. An so Ashlin was banished from home and from familiarity and entered what he called the 8th level of hell.

Per an agreement made with his Uncle, Ashlin would need to wed in order to inherit his Uncle's Title and wealth. So despite the storm, when the season started, Ashlin threw himself into the whirl. By the winter of 1790, Ashlin was courting a young lady and his uncle, was clearly teetering on death's door. Ashlin convinced his Uncle that he would marry the young lady come spring. Shortly after his Uncle’s will was modified, his Uncle passed away. The death was coming and so no foul play was suspected.

Strangely enough, three weeks before his spring wedding; his intended was discovered in bed with not one but two men. Ashlin was humiliated while the young lady was disgraced. Ashlin felt it best to leave the island and so sold Manor Bancroft.He could not return to England, instead sending his Uncle’s man to manage his affairs there while he looked to settle elsewhere in Europe and eventually settling in Venice; after all, it was known as the city of sin in many circles and was just what Ashlin was looking for.
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