Gemma Damiano

Gemma Damiano
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Ducky Age: 33
and all questions can be directed
  • stories of adventure
  • making every day different than the last
  • singing and dancing
  • meeting new people
  • seeing new sights
  • feeling like she is going to be stuck in Venice for the rest of her life
  • being put down because she is a woman
  • someone harming her family
  • Rafaele in a bad mood
  • being looked down upon for being lower class
The Basics
Name: Gemma Damiano
Play by: Natalie Portman
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: Twenty-three
Nickname: Dreamer
Gemma stands at an average height for women 5’3. She has long brown hair and brown eyes that stand out with thick long lashes to guide them. Her complexion is like that of her brothers, a light tan, thanks to her father's italian heritage and to light thanks to her mother's irish heritage. Though she is a tiny thing in height, she had a strength in her arms that is not easily distinguished in their lithe and willowy form.
Gemma is a sweet young woman though a little air headed at time. Called Dreamer by her family, Gemma is often a girl who liked to let her imagination run wild that to this day, she likes to talk of her grand plans to see the world. She is kind and thoughtful young woman most of the time, willing to help anyone who needs the hand but she has her mother's fiery irish temper when provoked.
To visit the theater for a show in a fine dress, taste the best champagne in the world, see the pyramids in Egypt, learn the scandalous dances of Spain, eat exotic dishes of food in India
Character History
Gemma is the second born child of Giorgio Damiano and his wife, Nora-Quinn Brogan Damiano. She was always a happy and carefree child and earned the nickname Dreamer by her family at a young age.

Although she loved both of her parents equally, she loved to sit at her Father's knee and listen to his grand adventures on the sea, visiting other lands in his youth. Though she never had eyes to be a sailor, she dreamed of visiting those places he told her about in his tales every day of her life.

She was a mischievous little girl growing up. While she always got her chores done, she never seemed to get them done fast enough, always being caught daydreaming or play acting when she should have been doing her work. She would use her broom as an oar while she crouched on a chair and pretended to wade down the nile, she would use a dish as a fan as she sashayed down the aisle of a theater. It seemed she was always being yelled before she would finish her chores.

Like Rafaele, Gemma soon learned how to grow up upon the death of their mother. While she sometimes still daydreamed or play acted her wildest dreams from time to time, such things soon tapered off as she took to being mother to her younger siblings.

While Gemma still dreams of doing all she desires, she loves her family and enjoys her life, tending to the Tipsy Crow alongside her family. Greeting customers and making them feel welcome, fetching plates of food or pitchers of ale for those who seek refuge and the comforts of food and drink under the roof of the Tipsy Crow.
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