Rafaele Damiano

Rafaele Damiano
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Ducky Age: 33
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  • His Family
  • Running the Tipsy Crow
  • ood hard days work
  • Good Company
  • Order
  • losing money
  • discord at the Tavern/Inn
  • lazy people
  • messes
  • disloyalty
The Basics
Name: Rafaele Damiano
Play by: Gaspard Menier
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: Twenty-five
Nickname: Rafe
Rafaele is an imposing figure standing at 6 foot 2 inches tall with muscle needed to tend to the many heavy lifting running an Inn and Tavern require. He has short, slightly wavy brown hair and blue eyes. He has a light tan complexion more light than dark thanks to his mother's irish heritage but tan enough for his father's italian heritage to show.
Rafaele is two sides of a coin. On one hand, he is all business when it comes to the Tipsy Crow. He puts it above everything else, even his family sometimes but does so with the belief that it is for their good. He is very business like and likes order where it comes to the family business and in this, sometimes he can be very stubborn; meaning he doesn't like messes or mistakes and often will not give second chances when mistakes are made. On the other side, when he is free from governing the Tipsy Crow in his father's stead, Rafaele can be a fun person to be around. One who likes to drink, laugh and talk in good company.
to succeed his father as Owner of the Tipsy Crow permanently, To see the Tipsy Crow flourish
Character History
Rafaele is the first born son to Giorgio Damiano and his wife Nora-Quinn Brogan Damiano. Rafaele birth came shortly after his father retired his life on the seas in order to take over the family business after the death of his older and wife-less and childless brother. The Tipsy Crow had been in the family for several generations and Giorgio seemed only too eager to leave the life of salt and wind behind to marry Nora-Quinn, a washerwoman and make the Tipsy Crow which had been his childhood home, his own.
It would be the birthsite of all the Damiano children. Starting with Rafaele who was the oldest and whom took a love of the place close to heart from an early age. For him there was no question and no other choice but to inherit the Crow one day.

Rafaele briefly attended school in his youth. With encouragement from his Father that he needed to learn his letters and numbers in order to take his place as head of the family one day. He only lasted a few years before he gave up and his Father, took over his schooling.

Rafaele learned to grow up quickly after the death of his mother at the age of eleven. The death had struck quick and without warning. Gone in her sleep one night. It devastated the family, especially his father, whom he knew never got over the loss and which made the eleven year old swear he would never feel such loss of a loved one like a wife ever.

It is a promise he has carried with himself over the years, focusing his desires soley on the Tipsy Crow then anything else and likely leaving his family wonder if he would ever marry and produce children of his own.
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