Noemie Devaux

Noèmie Isabelle Devaux
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The Basics
Name: Noèmie Isabelle Devaux
Play by: Eva Green
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Gay
Age: Twenty-seven
Nickname: NIB
Noèmie stands at five feet and six inches tall always she stands as a commanding presence, unashamed with her shoulders draw back and her head held high. She has long black hair she usually keeps up into a messy bun as she doesn’t particularly like her hair down and often as she likes to dress as a man, she likes her hair arranged as a man would (without a wig), Her eyes are a striking blue, often the most notable feature of her whole face and an ivory complexion.
Noèmie is often called eccentric which she would not really call herself. She knows who she is and what she wants and refuses to conform what society or anyone think she should be. She is a strong willed woman who refuses to back down. Often times she is quiet, unless she is being spoken to and then the true workings of her mind often come out in an equally quiet and raspy whispered voice. Noèmie is not known for getting angry or lashing out but there is a darkness known to come to her face that makes her look quite sinister if and when her ire is peaked.
To find her brother Louis, to live the rest of her life in peace and happiness
Character History
Everything about her life seemed to start with an ill omen. It was a dark and stormy night, a terribly stormy night when she was born on all hallows eve. Despite the darkness of her coming, she was the long awaited welcome to her parents; Tristan Louis Devaux and Adele Mariè Devaux nee Lacroix.

The Devaux’s were not a noble family but wealthy and favor in court did raise them above those whom else they would be in equal footing with but her parents had been ill fated by life when it came to children. Adele had several miscarriages before she finally birthed her husband a son, Jean Louis Devaux. Three more miscarriages befell the woman before Noèmie finally came happy and healthy like her brother.

Despite her mother's great desire for a daughter. It was clear from an early age that Noèmie was not like other little girls. She would scream bloody murder whenever she was forced into a dress and would only quiet when the Nannies would relent and put her in her brothers hand me down breeches and coverlet. For years, her mother, nannies and governesses tried desperately to make a young lady of a girl who only wanted to follow in her Father and Brothers shadows.

Finally, on her tenth birthday, Adele relented, washing her hands of her daughter when she was presented with a sidesaddle and promptly dropped the gift in the estate fountains. While Tristan Devaux was a man who had dreams of having several sons in his life; he did not dream of a daughter who would walk in mens shoes but unlike his wife, he could not wash his hands of her. Reluctantly, he bowed to the whims of his only daughter.

From that day forward, Noèmie lived in the shadows of her Father and Brother and loved it. She had always known she was different. She had always known she did not think nor act like others girls. The main fact being, she was not attracted to boys like others girl where. She was attracted to the females themselves.

When Noèmie was sixteen, her father was given the great honor of traveling to Spain as Ambassador of France. Rather than taking his son, Jean Louis, it was agreed he would take Noèmie with him. The hope being between her parents that in Spanish court, she would begin to soften and perhaps become the daughter that Adele had always dreamed of having. Jean Louis would stay behind with Adele who had no desire to move to Spain and protect their family.

Noèmie hated Spain, at first. She was an oddity there, even as she had been in France. For three long years she endured this misery until the fated day she met Charles IV during a hunt in the countryside. She rose straddling the horse, something that she had done many times but never had she been permitted to ride with royalty in the hunt. The then prince was intrigued and invited Noèmie into his inner circle. She was a novelty he was fascinated by and he, secretly, encouraged her uniqueness.

Even after Charles IV became King, Noèmie was a favorite among his circle. It was rumored that she was his mistress, despite Noèmie open flirtation with women. The rumors were not quelled for Noèmie did not care what people thought of her. She knew what was true. For four years, she remained quite the intrigue in the King’s court, even after the passing of her Father.

When revolution broke out in France, she got word from Jean Louis that he and their mother had fled France for Venice. Only three short months later, she received the last letter she would receive from her brother, that their mother, sick from heart break over the death of her husband and the war in the homeland, had not survived the fleeing to Venice and Jean Louis was begging her to come to Venice.

With the King’s blessing and continued favor, Noèmie packed her belongings and headed for Venice to find her brother whom she has not heard from in over a year. Determined to find him and find peace and lasting happiness in her life.
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