Rupert Moncroise

Lord Rupert Oliver Moncroise
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Cal Age: 20
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  • The occult
  • sea air
  • Power
  • Social Conservatism
  • Slavery
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  • Cold weather
  • Government interference
The Basics
Name: Lord Rupert Oliver Moncroise
Play by: Rupert Penry-Jones
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Age: 38
Nickname: Marchese Acciaio
Rupert is seldom seen in public without the trappings of his class, a wig usually covering his cropped blond hair when in company. His eyes are pale grey-blue like the storming waters of the oceans where he makes his money. He is fond of elaborate coats and rich fabrics to show his wealth.
Rupert is is ruthless in business and ambition. Like his father before him he knows that there are few prices not worth paying for power. Of course in his years he has learned the way the game is played he can be polite and discrete or bold and daring as the situation requires.
- To find himself a steady male lover so he can give up some of his floozies
- To become the biggest trader on the black market
Character History
Rupert was the third male child of the scandalous Moncroise family. The family are a second generation noble family and much of the scandal arises from just how they obtained their title. Speculation abounds about just what transpired to raise them from shady merchants to peers of the realm. Whispers resonate in gilded parlours or murder and bribery with some speculation that they may even have loaned the crown funds. Still however they got the title they have it and it has become the family profession to keep it. Whether that's by being an active member of the house of peers, throwing lavish hunts , blackmailing older families or marrying widely. The family play to win.

Being the youngest son Rupert had not expected to inherit anything at all. Following the rule of primogeniture it was expected that his elder brother would inherit the title and fortune whilst his middle brother was given position as the day to day manager of their merchant house. However Rupert and his middle brother suffered the perverse good fortune of influenza taking their eldest brother to an early grave. With the eldest child dead Rupert was shunted up a position with his elder brother taking the Earldom and Rupert becoming next in line as manager of their merchant house.

As Lucien reached his 18th year opportunity arose to expand both their influence and their business. Expansion to mainland europe had been a goal of the Moncroise family for a number of years and the imminent ruin of the family De Cancro an old Venetian house, once famous as great shipping magnates presented opportunity and so plans were swiftly initiated to seduce Maria Teresa De Cancro the eldest daughter and only surviving child of the house. Rupert being eager to get his own power base out of his brothers shadow and away from the dull english weather volunteered to do the deed. Despite the fact that his preference for male lovers was well known in his family. The venture was a success, in no small part due to an agreement between the two 'lovebirds' that they could both see other people so long as they were discrete. Thus with wedding bells ringing the dowry was set immediate and total control of the De Cancro Shipping Company to be handed to Rupert.

These past 20 years have seen Rupert and Maria restore the company to it's former glory and indeed exceed the success of even it's golden age. Though it has been suggested , though never openly, that much of this success is reliant on black market dealings and involvements in piracy and crime. Further the two remain successfully married and though they have no children, their homes are often centres of patronage and lavish entertainment and on the surface the two seem most emphatically in love.
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