Letizia De Masi

Letizia Octavia De Masi
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Lily Age: 32
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  • The Way That Rain Feels
  • Storms At Sea
  • Bones
  • The Church
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  • The Law
  • The Guilt
  • Sulfer
The Basics
Name: Letizia Octavia De Masi
Play by: Segovia Amil
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Age: 28
Nickname: Zia, Leti, Witch, Sister
Letizia is exactly what her mother dreamed of. Black hair with bright eyes, and worldly appearance. She in thin and wild, willowy and willful, but most of all she dances to her own drums. Dressed often in dark colors she wishes to come off as a threat, the dark cloud that passes the sun, and very rarely does anything to help make herself noticeable to men. With rich red lips and grey eyes she nearly looks sinister in everything that she does, but it is haunts the minds of both sexes more often than not.
Zia is wild and full of spirit, she lives as though she could not give two fucks about tomorrow. Drums are wild in her blood, her heart much the same. It is said that her lips taste like venom and her cunt a forbidden fruit. She speaks her mind only when the silence can not be suffered any longer, but she is not so easily pulled into a conversation. She knows she walks the thin line between being tried as a witch and a healer, but let no man of the cloth stand between she and her family.
For her brother to find a wife, and for him to get a life!
Character History
Born to Murano glass artisans she lived a life of luxury and at once would have been considered a noble. When her parents grew old her brother took the place of provider and she followed in the footsteps of her aunt and met a man who introduced her to the arts of healing and herbs.
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