Odette de Mercier

Odette Elise de Mercier
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Lily Age: 32
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Discord: StarryOwlEyes#1898
  • Theatre
  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Sweets
  • Gale's Violin
  • Spiders
  • Storms
  • Getting Lost
  • Hateful People
  • Cheap Material
The Basics
Name: Odette Elise de Mercier
Play by: Unknown Model
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Figuring It Out
Age: 19
Nickname: Oddie
Odette is exactly as a young woman should be, delicate, fine boned, soft in color. She has a willowy grace about her that reminds her father of the carved of marble sculptures in Italy. Angelic in both nature and beauty it is hard to imagine that she had ever been born of the troll of a mother her father so helplessly despised.
Kind. Careful. Artistic. Odette is the very image of culture and class. She makes friends nearly everywhere she goes and hardly leaves a poor impression. Like her father, Odette is rather grand at entertaining society and making her place known. When she is not dancing she is singing, and when the music has stopped she is daydreaming.
To dance before the King and perhaps marry.
Character History
Born in a gentle spring, Odette’s parents were delighted at the delivery of a healthy daughter, and despite being in marriage full of hate for a moment there was peace. For many years she filled the halls with her laughter and love, and even that of her older brother had stopped his horrid demise so that he could attend to her. She kept him grounded and out of trouble, but when their mother became concerned with the way her son was nearly obsessive of his love of their young daughter she separated the two and sent Odette off to live with her Grandmere so that she could learn to dance and get the exposure to society that a young lady should have. This drove her brother mad until he took the life of the Madame de Mercier and Jean-Luc did not send her off after the mourning.
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[WHOPLAYER=Lily][WHOCHARNAME]Odette Elise de Mercier[/WHOCHARNAME][WHOCHARINFO][WHOQUICKINFO][WHOCHARIMG]http://i.imgur.com/YERjXPB.png[/WHOCHARIMG][WHOQUICKTXT][WHOOOC]Lily[/WHOOOC][WHOPB]Unknown Model[/WHOPB][WHOAPP]PLACE APP LINK HERE[/WHOAPP][WHOPLOTTER]http://venicerp.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=58[/WHOPLOTTER][/WHOQUICKTXT][/WHOQUICKINFO][WHOINFOABOUT]Oddie is the very picture of grace and made of gentle things, but with her father's dark past and the blood in her viens she isn't an angel.[/WHOINFOABOUT][/WHOCHARINFO][/WHOPLAYER]
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