Caleb Maxwell

Caleb Maxwell
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The Basics
Name: Caleb Maxwell
Play by: Ralph Fiennes
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 29
Nickname: Levi
Above average height. He is quite tall and lanky, his skin lightly tanned, eyes of light blue-green with short shorn hair of brown. On the inside of his wrist is a now faint white scar, left wrist. It is a burn from his younger days, when he had first signed on a ship and was sent to help the cook. Burned himself right well on hot gruel.
Caleb is a hard working, good man...most of the time that is, he has his moments. He has excellent temperament, most of the time. He is a realist; he understands what a man can and cannot do. Staunch traditionalist and loyalist. Though Caleb does have a problem when it comes to drinking, he is quite fond of the drink, and cheap women. When he is drunk, he has a short fuse. His thought is “Give me a drink in one hand, a good woman to court and marry and a bad woman to have fun and bed” .

He hopes to someday be Admiral, in the hope that this will make his father proud of him, because the elder Caleb always finds fault with his second son. In truth that is because he sees more of himself in his second son then he does in the first. Cale has no problem taking orders as well as giving them. He is a man of discretion and trustworthy to get the job done. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve like some men; he keeps walls up and has trouble letting people in. Few people will ever know the true Caleb, except those that he chooses to let in. But once you’re in his heart and life. You can be certain that he’d protect you to the death.
To marry well and be Admiral someday
Character History
Cale was born into money, his father was a Baron and his mother was Baroness in her own right. The blood of the aristocracy runs in his veins. But he was born technically the third son after his mother suffered a miscarriage with the true first born. He was educated as a young man should be educated up until till his early teens. He always knew he was going to be a sailor, just like his two uncles. The song of the sea was in his blood and heart. The sea is a jealous mistress and even at a young age, she had her hold on the young Caleb.

At eleven he signed aboard a ship to learn a sailor's life and earn his keep. Partially to escape his father always finding fault with him and to sate his undying need to be out there on the ocean. To feel the wind on his face and taste the salty brine. His first day on deck he was told how to reef the main boom, only Cale had no idea how to actually reef it, once he actually got up the rigging. That day, he quickly learned how to kneel and not look down. The life of a sailor he found was not as easy as he dreamed. But his back was willing and his spirit was strong. He was determined that by the time he was twenty-five he would be lieutenant, if not the captain of his own ship.

Caleb found that he is excellent at handling the jiggers and reefing the booms. What he is not so good at aboard the ship was cooking. His first day learning to cook, he managed to burn himself bad enough to be sent to the ships doctor, after that day the cook proclaimed that Caleb was too much of a dandy to be in the kitchen and sent him back up deck. Muttering about him being the typical noble’s son.

Time would wear on and the young boy would grow up into a man, with hard work and some help from his father he was able to purchase his commission, as they were needed. Life aboard a sailing ship taught him all he needed to know about the finer points of fighting, dueling. Drinking and most certainly wenching. He put in his time on various ships until he was eligible to take his exams. He was assigned to the H.M.S. Sovereign as the third lieutenant, then as the second lieutenant. After the unfortunate death of First Lieutenant Webster, Caleb was once again promoted up the ranks. Caleb served on the Sovereign until he was twenty-two years old. His previous ship lost at sea. With his ship lost at sea, badly damaged in a battle but able to sail back the enemy ship under British colors. Promoted to Captain. He is now Captain of his own ship in his Majesty's fleet the H.M.S. Maelstrom

Change came, as it always does and eventually Caleb was recalled from his post in the Carribean to return to mainland Europe. His accompaniment was needed now to protect England's interest's abroad in Venice and the city-states of Italy. So Caleb would sail into port with his big ships.
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