Lewis Mastersen

Lewis Mastersen
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  • Working with his hands
  • Following the happenings of local and national government
  • Women with strong personaliities
  • Church of England
  • Admiring paintings
  • Nobility, because those titles are obtained by birth
  • People who feel superior to others
  • His brother for inheriting the family business
  • Traveling by boat even though he seems to do more than his fair share of ocean voyages
  • Music, he finds that he doesn't get much out of it
The Basics
Name: Lewis Mastersen
Play by: Liam Neeson
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 37
Nickname: Lew
Still prefers the comfort and appearance of a short sleeved white shirt and dark casual pants even though he has to dress more formally these days. Unlike nobility or a strikingly good looking person, nobody really takes notice of when Lewis enters a room, and he prefers that as it allows him to get his bearings and size up the situation.
Lewis is introverted but not shy. He doesn't like idle smalltalk but knows how to be pleasant if the situation calls for it. He has good business sense and is a good judge of character, but sometimes gets involved in things before fully thinking them through. He has a self righteous streak which developed because he felt so slighted being the second born son. Having been forced away from the woman he loved, Lewis has developed a bitter edge the past two years.
To be able to make his own choices. To one day retire in North America, open a small gunsmith shop, and never deal with political machinations again.
Character History
Lewis was born the second of four children; however, the youngest child passed away a few weeks after birth. For generations, his family lived in York, England. The family business dealt with trading various raw materials and finished goods. Lewis' father was a reasonably competent businessman, but his mom was the brains behind their current run of success. His older brother, Thomas, had been groomed to take over the family business. Lewis had always resented his brother for this as he felt like he could have done a much better job of running things. But by law, Thomas was the first born son and it was his birthright to take over for his parents. His younger sister, Cassandra, had been married off to the son of the owner of Sheffield's biggest ironworks business.

In 1762, when the Seven Year War with France wound down and Great Britain's victory seemed assured, Lewis' parents were active in the "pamphlet war" to encourage the government to complete its spice monopoly by annexing Guadeloupe and Martinique from the French as opposed to acquiring New France. Of course, self interest played a role in fighting for this choice. The government ultimately decided on New France, which in the short term hurt the family business by depriving them of an important source of sugar.

When Lewis was 14, his father got him an apprenticeship with a family friend who was a gunsmith. Growing up, Lewis took a keen interest in the work when the family visited, and he constantly asked questions about what was going on. The apprenticeship lasted seven years, after which he became a journeyman gunsmith for the local guild.

At age 28, Lewis took advantage of an opportunity through the guild to move to the new world, specifically Saint-Domingue. Like a suit that bunches up in the wrong places, Lewis didn't quite feel like he fit into British society. Moving to the new world was an opportunity to fit in better. And residing in a much younger and newer place meant being able to at least attempt to change things more to his liking. He took over a gunsmith shop whose owner had gone bankrupt. The guild owned it, but over time Lewis could buy the shop from the guild.

Once in Saint-Domingue, Lewis met up with an old family friend, Claramae St. Laurence. Through his friendship he discovered being sent to Saint-Domingue had been no accident. Over time, Lewis became a pawn in the political intrigue. His ability to sniff out conspiracies gained the attention of people much higher up the food chain. Late one night, Lewis was approached by an aid of the Council of Ten with a simple proposition: Work with an arms merchant in Rialto or his girlfriend dies an "accidental" death.

Leaving with just the clothes on his back, Lewis was taken to Venice and given a new life as an arms merchant. Naturally, it wasn't long before Lewis began ferreting out useful intelligence.
Referred by Lily
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