Lothario Venturi

Lothario Venturi
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  • Fine clothing
  • A good party
  • Cleanliness & neatness
  • Fencing
  • Poetry
  • Responsibility
  • Expressing his true feelings to most people
  • Studying
  • Those who killed his father
  • Settling down
The Basics
Name: Lothario Venturi
Play by: Colin O'Donoghue
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Age: 33
Nickname: (none)
'Dandy' is the word that usually comes to mind upon seeing Lothario. He is almost obsessed with personal grooming and won't step foot out of his bedroom without looking his best. Lothario will spare no expense to have the finest clothing available. He wears one ring with the family crest and another ring that has an opal mounted it (his 'good luck' charm). Even after competing in a fencing tournament, Lothario still manages to appear somewhat dapper.
Taught the importance of making a good impression since a young child, Lothario goes out of his way to come across as pleasant and cheerful. He will open up to those closest to him (like his childhood friend Beppin). Feminine traits in his personality include being empathetic by nature, highly intuitive, and reading people fairly well. Responsibility is not his strong point, and others sometimes have to help him out. He likes the trappings of being a noble but not any of the work involved. Lothario has a well earned reputation for being a notorious womanizer, but that is just to cover his desire for men. During bad times, Lothario manages to come out ok in the end. He's the kind who could trip and fall into a huge pile of cow shit and come up with an expensive gold earring in each hand.
To erase the stain upon the family name that was incurred by his father. To find a man who could fulfill him while living the life expected of him
Character History
Raniero Venturi had been the governor of Kefallonia when Elanora gave birth to their oldest son, Lothario, in 1759. Raised to be the family heir, he relished his role from an early age. Unfortunately, that also translated into a lack of a desire to sturdy or learn what was needed to assume nobility later in life.

After years of frustration with Lothario's slow educational pace, Andrea Pasqualigo convinced Raniero to leave his godson and tutor with Andrea's family for a while. Beppin Pasqualigo would be Lothario's study buddy, and Lothario would learn far more than he had up to this point.

Eight year old Lothario became good friends with Beppin while Lothario finally managed to learn enough to allay Raniero's fears about the day Lothario would assume his role as head of the family. Lothario and Beppin would remain close friendseven as Beppin spent more time at sea with his own father.

One night, when Lothario was 13, Beppin and him were sexually intimate as both tried to grapple with their newfound urges brought about by puberty. The two never did anything again, but it did strengthen their friendship. Lothario felt more emotionally fulfilled in that moment than after any of his dalliances with women. Having learned from the adult nobles that a man with a boyfriend was just unacceptable, Lothario hid his desires behind a womanizing persona.

When Lothario turned 18, his father sent him to France for several years of study and to begin fulfilling his family duties as a nobleman. Needless to say, the results of both had been less than stellar. Three years later, Lothario would return to his childhood home when his father had been arrested as one of the conspirators attempting to reform the Venetian Republic. Six months later, Raniero Venturi had his head chopped off in a public execution that his family had been forced to watch.

The family would been have ruined were it not for Elanora Venturi's foresight and guile. She protected enough land and money from seizure to survive for almost a decade. It helped that she called in a favor to get herself appointed as family regent. Lothario would have doomed the family in under a year. Elanora kept things going long enough to marry her second husband, Adolfo Barberini. The son of Urbano Barberini, Adolfo had been a minor noble from a line that almost ended were it not for Urbano's accomplishment of getting his illegitimate son to be recognized as the family heir.

For three years, Adolfo and Elanora had been looking for ways to protect against the fate that almost befell both families. That opportunity came when Almoro Barbaro agreed to give his daughter's hand in marriage to Lothario. Ilaria and Barbaro's heir would bring Adolfo and Elanora under the auspices of the Barbaro family.
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