Mary Baker

Mary Baker
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  • writing - First and foremost, Molly loves to write.
  • clothing - Both parents made clothing. Though Molly had no interest in doing so herself, clothing is one of the few things she will spend money on
  • books - Though not a particularly big reader, Molly loves books in their own right
  • writing instruments - Besides food and clothing, one of the few things Molly will purchase
  • the law - With a strong sense of justice, Molly views the law as an instrument for carrying out her work
  • social norms - A necessary evil in which to get things done
  • slavery - An abolitionist since age 7, Molly abhors slavery
  • small talk - A disadvantage to knowing a lot about a few things, Molly sometimes finds casual conversation frustrating
  • prejudgement - A strong believer that everyone deserves their day in court, it raises Molly's ire when someone is condemned without evidence
  • large crowds
The Basics
Name: Mary Baker
Play by: Alex Kingston
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 31
Nickname: Molly
Wearing the clothes befitting of a successful middle class tradesperson, one expects a proper lady when first meeting Molly. One would be wrong. Her naturally curly hair made it easy to keep with the style of big curly hair. Taller than the average male let alone female, at 5' 7" Molly can sometimes come across as intimidating. 'Spirited' is how most people describe the look in Molly's eyes.
Good natured at heart, Molly was a precocious child who could write early than other children. Molly has learned through trial and error how to minimize her uncouth manners though she still has her moments. Molly was taught little about social etiquette by her mentor who was more interested in practicing law and abolishing slavery than manners. With in depth knowledge about a few subjects and little knowledge about most other things, casual conversation doesn't come easy for her.

With her biological clock ticking louder than ever, the past couple of years have seen Molly taking an interest in children. She would like nothing more than to have a daughter that one days becomes a scrivener as well.
- abolish slavery in Great Britain and throughout Europe
- have a daughter who follows in her footsteps
Character History
Born in Liverpool, England, Molly is the fourth of six children. The daughter of a tailor and seamstress, Molly loved the clothing her mother made but showed little interest in continuing with the family business. From an early age, Molly loved writing. She took it upon herself to organize the pens her parents used to keep the books for their work. Receiving an empty book as a gift, Molly filled it up with writing practice, various thoughts, and in some cases copying things verbatim from other books.

Fortunately for Molly, her writing abilities attracted the attention of a family friend who was a lawyer. He arranged an apprenticeship indenture for seven year old Molly at a reasonable sum. William Hartnell was a lawyer affiliated with the Arcadian Order. An abolitionist, William worked to end the slave trade operating out of Liverpool and slavery in Great Britain. Imparted with the disdain of slavery, Molly continued his work throughout her life.

Molly became the scrivener for William's law office at age 13. With that role she assisted in record keeping for the Arcadian Order. Molly continued that work for fifteen years until William passed away. The Arcadian Order arranged for Molly to move to Venice where she became the scrivener for a lawyer, Richard Hundall, who worked with the Arcadian Order. His office kept their records, and Molly assumed the role of Curator for the Arcadian Order.

As part of her working arrangement, Molly lives out of a spare room in the office. Richard nor any of his law partners mind as they know this means more time for Molly to devote to her work.
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