Adrijan Kitanovski

Adrijan Kitanovski
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The Basics
Name: Adrijan Kitanovski
Play by: Tomer Sisley
Gender: male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Age: thirty-four
Nickname: Adrien Lefévre, "Ri" (family only)
Adrijan is of average height and build, with a very slender but strong body. His brown hair has a tendency to be unruly and askew no matter how he tries to comb it. His skin is light brown, as his heritage is a mixture of various peoples from Southeast Europe and Western Asia. His face is long, with an aquiline nose; his lips are thin, and he has hazel eyes that are especially bright in sunlight.
One would think that Adrijan was some sort of royalty, based on his demeanor and his way of speaking. He has a gentle but very authoritative voice, and he enters every room as though he owns it - he has a way of being smoothly social, with a commanding presence yet easy to relate to, while keeping everyone at arm’s length.

There are two sides to Adrijan, polar opposites. The first is the one seen when he is around his sister. He is sweet and caring to the point of being overprotective, warm and friendly, and clearly vulnerable. He does not mind being this way around Dijana; she is the only person in the world that he trusts. The second side is the darker, ruthless, colder side that Adrijan has carried with him since the night of his parents’ deaths. This side will stop at nothing to get what he wants, or to protect himself or his sister, or to accomplish any task asked of him, however brutal it may be.

Most often, he is in the middle of those two sides, accessible and warm but somewhat ambitious and aloof. He enjoys being social, but also likes to be alone at times. He can often be found reading or writing something to keep his mind active.
Adrijan hopes to marry off his sister. Quickly, before she becomes too old. He hopes to travel the world, at least as far as England and North Africa.
Character History
Born in Ankara to a pair of traveling merchants, Adrijan was on the move consistently even as a child, and learned much of the world in his family’s travels. He never received a formal education, but was able to teach himself. He has the cognitive skills of a genius, and was able to share his discoveries with his little sister, Dijana. He was skilled at learning languages, and picked up on many around him - Venetian, French, English, Greek, and Arabic, in addition to his mother tongues Croatian and Turkish.

Adrijan and his little sister were close. They often strayed far from their parents, but always made it back to them in time for their evening meal. Darko Kitanovski was very careful about how he spent the money he earned, and set much of it aside for the betterment of his children’s lives whenever the family might choose to settle down somewhere. For the time being, however, they continued to follow any trading routes they found, until the last they followed took them into the wrong hands.

Adrijan was fourteen on the night that a group of bandits attacked his family’s caravan, intending to steal everything the Kitanovskis had. The men caught them all by surprise, and quickly killed Darko and Angelina, then began to search for the children. Adrijan pushed Dijana into the hollow of a tree, in the dark, and made her swear to stay there. He picked up a heavy rock and crushed it into the skull of one thief before the man had a chance to scream, then collected the man’s dagger - the one that had been used to kill his mother - and dispatched the other three thieves with it, pushing the last to his knees and drawing the blade across his throat, as had been done to his mother and father.

Adrijan never quite recovered from that experience - as no child could, of course, but the murders by his own hands scared him the most - because they had come so easily. Neither did he feel remorse. The fact that such coldness and ruthlessness could exist within him disturbed him to a degree - but only to a degree. Otherwise, he felt an odd sort of… pride, in besting his opponents and avenging the deaths of his parents.

Meanwhile, Dijana had not stayed in the tree, but gone to tend to their parents. It was too late and she could do too little, unfortunately. Darko told Dijana that she and her brother must look out for each other, before passing away. The siblings knew they could not stay on that path any longer, but otherwise had nowhere to go.

Neither sibling slept that night. Later, they moved on, and found they were near a coast; in exchange for labor and a few of their wares, Adrijan and Dijana were allowed passage on a merchant ship that was making its way to Greece.

They continued to trade and travel, but with more difficulty, and began to rely on ships rather than land transport. Eventually they made their way inland. In a run-in with some servants at a tavern in Marseille, Adrijan picked up something more like steady work in assisting the d’Anjou household. Continuing to work as merchants in Paris, they resided under the financial protection of Olivier d’Anjou in exchange for providing information relevant to the uprising among the Third Estate. In time he earned Olivier’s trust and, when the time came, he and Dijana fled with the Duc to Venice, being two of a very few servants Olivier kept with him. The trio now work to influence the revolution in France in their favor.
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