Dijana Kitanovski

Dijana Kitanovski
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The Basics
Name: Dijana Kitanovski
Play by: Troian Bellisario
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Age: twenty-five
Nickname: Dianne Lefévre, "Di" (family only)
Like her brother, Dijana is dark-toned in appearance, and sports the same curly hair he does, although her hair is a lighter brown. She is slender, with an hourglass figure. Her eyes are hazel, especially noticeable when her eyes catch the light. She has a long, aquiline nose, and large lips. Her hands and feet are small and delicate, but have seen more work than most women of her station.
Most often, Dijana is pleasant and sweet, a joy to be around. She exudes happiness that radiates to those around her, making it nearly impossible for anyone to stay upset around her. She knows how to comfort others, and she is always glad to do so. These are the bright days; fortunately, for her, they are more common than the other ones.

Sometimes, Dijana simply feels the need to be alone. A sort of brooding takes over, and she closes herself into her room to sew or read and keep others from seeing her so downcast. The activity keeps her thoughts at bay, and the tears from her eyes. This is her coping mechanism, which she has developed over time.
Dijana does hope to be married, but to someone she loves, not for status or money. She also hopes to have several children, boys and girls, to raise the healthy way she was raised.
Character History
The “baby” of the family, Dijana was born roughly nine years after her older brother, Adrijan. Her brother took to her quickly, proving just as protective of her as his parents were, even at that young an age. The Kitanovskis were making their way westward at the time, taking care to stop at major merchant points along the way. They stopped a while to take care of Dijana, then continued once she was able to walk, about nine months later thanks to the guidance of her brother.

Dijana was not as smart as Adrijan, but she was more perceptive, and often gave insight into the discoveries her brother had made while teaching himself and, by extension, her. Both learned from their father how best to manage the family’s finances, and, when they were old enough, took part in taking stock of their family’s inventory every night. This was a practice that both Adrijan and Dijana enjoyed, not only for the practice but also for the sheer fact that their parents trusted them enough to keep the books.

The attack on their family came when Dijana was eleven. She heard her mother’s sobbing and her screams, and could gather for herself what had happened. Adrijan shushed her and pushed her into the hollow of a tree, and from the screams that followed, she further guessed that Adrijan was taking out their attackers one by one. She only hoped none of the screams were her brother’s. Meanwhile, she left the tree and crept up to her parents, who were still alive but losing blood too quickly to save. Dijana kissed her mother’s forehead as she died, and then felt her father press her hand weakly. “Take care of each other,” he said with the last of his energy; his hands fell limp around hers.

After the last scream, Adrijan came running around to see their parents, but he was too late. He only hugged Dijana and held her close as they both cried, all through the night and into the morning. The two buried their parents that morning, digging shallow graves and laying them to rest next to each other, leaving flowers as their only marker. They then had to find a way to make it to the next town on their own, and, after doing so, they found they could manage to keep moving on their own.

They lived this way for years, constantly traveling, until they reached Marseille. There, they came into contact with members of the d'Anjou household. During an impromptu encounter at a tavern, the staff explained that the Duc d'Anjou had both recently married and lost his mother, leaving the household in a state of flux. At that time, on the eve of the French Revolution, it was rare to find servants who were as comfortable working for their more affluent lords as the d'Anjou staff were, so on their invitation, Dijana and Adrijan decided to travel with them to Paris. There they met Olivier d'Anjou and his new wife, Caroline.

It was clear from the beginning that Caroline did not like the siblings, complaining to her personal staff that Dijana was "too beautiful" and Adrijan was "too smart." Olivier, however, considered the siblings' intelligence and savvy to be potentially useful assets as the Revolution unfolded. The siblings did not live at Anjou at that time, but settled in at Paris and served as Olivier's informants in town.

Occasionally using the alias "Dianne Lefévre," Dijana developed contacts and perfected her skills in communications and observation. Meanwhile she and Adrijan continued to work in markets, selling goods they obtained from friends abroad as well as clothing items created by Dijana.

It was Dijana’s attentiveness that got Olivier out of France in time and alive. When Olivier moved to Venice, Dijana and Adrijan went with him. The siblings continue to work as informants to Olivier, but now also in the role as trusted advisors, especially in the wake of Caroline’s death and Olivier’s ruin due to the accusations of Adrienne d’Apcher. Her knowledge and her contacts are key to the intrigue spinning about the d’Anjou complex and the outcome of the revolution in France.
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