Robert Castle

Robert Castle
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The Basics
Name: Robert Castle
Play by: Tom Hiddleston
Gender: male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Age: thirty
Nickname: Dob, Dobbin (at your own risk), Mal
Standing a bit taller than most men, with black hair that often falls around his face, Robert leaves an imposing impression at first sight. His complexion is fair but can seem paler in contrast to his hair, as well as the darker colors he tends to wear. His face is long, accentuated by an aquiline nose, thin lips, and large blue eyes.
On both his best and worst days, Robert is strong-willed, obstinate, passionate, and opinionated. He does not change easily and has his own opinions on how things should be done. Fortunately, he has a talent for reading and understanding people and situations that make those opinions correct most of the time. Of course, this feeds into his ego, so it’s something of a self-fueling cycle. All in all, though, Robert has plenty of heart and knows to rely on it as much as on his mind. He is bookish and most often seen alone studying some text or other, but he is not opposed to being others and can even be openly social if he is comfortable enough.
Robert hopes to see more of the world. He would also like to have a family of his own at some point.
Character History
Robert was born in London, England, to a British diplomat, Chauncey Castle, and his wife, Abigail. He was their third child, but the first to survive infancy; a daughter and a son had both preceded him. His mother doted on him, and his father did his best to raise him for the lifestyle he would undoubtedly adopt, following his father’s footsteps. He took lessons and was discovered to be very studious and highly intelligent at a young age.

When he was old enough, Robert began to travel with his father on diplomatic missions. This began when Robert was around fourteen years old. Around this time his parents conceived again, and his mother gave birth to a little girl, who also survived childhood. She was named Sabrina, and quickly nicknamed “Briney.” Robert stopped traveling with his father to help his mother care for Sabrina.

The family made a more permanent move when Robert was twenty and Sabrina was six years old, as Chauncey was appointed ambassador to Venice. They took up residence at the English embassy, in the heart of the ghettos of Cannareggio. By that time, Robert was very interested in traveling but less so in diplomacy. He began to work as a tutor to the other, younger children of ambassadors around them, and to Sabrina as well.

Unfortunately, only a year into their stay in Venice, Sabrina passed away due to illness, as diseases were common and spread quickly among the rapidly-diminishing ghettos. The entire family was completely heartbroken, and neither Chauncey nor Abigail ever fully recovered from the loss of their sweet girl. Robert was hit hard as well, but with the grief of his parents came less attention from them, and he withdrew into himself to a large degree, shunning most social occasions at a time in his life when he should have been meeting others and thinking about his future. As a result, he reached thirty years of age with few prospects for an occupation aside from his father’s or much interaction with women suitable for marriage.

When Robert learned of the potential opening of a new school in Venice, he jumped at the change to get involved. His background made him an excellent teacher and candidate for co-director, but his natural bookishness plus his self-created introversion almost countered that qualification. But he was accepted in both positions, with his familiarity with and decent reputation in Venice, particularly among the less privileged communities such as those found in Cannareggio serving as a recommendation, and of course every ambassador and many other diplomats endorsing his skills. Time will tell whether his personality is equally suited to the work.

No one has given much of a close look at Robert's background, but he has never given any reason to expect that it is not true and Lord Castle verifies Robert's identity as his son.

Note: This character fills a wanted request from Kat.
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