Malcolm Langleigh

Malcolm Daniel Langleigh
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Cal Age: 20
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  • A healthy sense of order
  • Piano music
  • reading
  • sunsets
  • his job
  • his scars
  • talking about himself
  • sailing
  • Cold weather
  • cannon fire
The Basics
Name: Malcolm Daniel Langleigh
Play by: Micheal Fassbender
Gender: Male
Sexuality: That would not be proper to answer
Age: 33
Nickname: Mr. Langleigh, Malc
Malcolm bares the traditional marks of his irish descent ginger hair, grey blue eyes however his skin is of a slightly deeper who than his fellow irish brothers perhaps due to his father's heritage, Though Malcolm wouldn’t know since he has never met his parents. Given his good station as Valet and Trusted servant to the Cremonesi family he is well dressed and groomed. He would not dare show his master up after all.Marks of his past life exist below the starched collars and fine uniform however, faded scars from floggings and fights are scattered over his body. Those are never seen by anyone though and he is most ashamed of them.
Malcolm is a meek and mild mannered man, very aware of proper behavior and careful to always remain strictly professional. Malcolm draws pleasure from the strict regime and order that come as part of his job, probably because of the chaos of his past. This is of course mentioned in his references from past employers.

Malcolm will freely talk on any subject his masters or their guests seek to engage him on save two. His sexuality and prior relationships , which he bows away from citing good taste and propriety as excuses for his silence, and his life before leaving the navy which he avoids by changing the subject back to his job when he reaches the stories of his post navy life. He is deeply ashamed of his history and seemingly low birth as well as the sins he committed in those days. As for his sexuality this is a topic he is too shy to discuss, Perhaps because his feelings are not something socially acceptable ? Perhaps simply because sex is simply not a polite topic for conversation.
To wash away his violent and deprived past.
To become the Cremonesi Butler one day
Character History
Now Sir, My lord, before I tell you of my history in full I beg that you look upon it with pity or at least understanding and that you keep it between just us. For I am not proud of parts of it … I am most grateful My lord.

I was found on the steps of a workhouse in the market town of Belfast in Ireland sir. I was in a broken basket wrapped in little more than a filthy rag , or so I’m told. Of course the life in that workhouse was not pleasant. Provision for the very poorest has never been very good. Ofcourse in those days I knew of nothing different than the shouting of the staff and the stench of their drunken breath as they beat me and the other boys. The cutting of fingers as we took apart old rope and the grumble of poorly fed stomachs. It was only as I grew older that a learned that this was not the life all boys led. I was thirteen when I ran away from the workhouse, totally alone and with no grasp of english or gaelic written word I was not expecting anything nice to find me out on the streets but I thought nothing could be worse than the hell that existed in the walls of that workhouse.

I was wrong, though I didn’t appreciate that at the time. I regret to say that the boy I was, well sir, to be frank he was a menace. I was filled with hate and resentment. I despised the people I saw because while I suffered they had homes, while I starved they seemed to eat. So when the gang , well they were criminals, came upon me and offered me food and a spot under the stairs of their building in exchange for a little light work I jumped at the chance. In the beginning I was set to taking items from shops. I’d like to say I was not aware that my acts were illegal but in all honesty sir, I … well I knew they were , I simply didn’t care.

With time I grew much too big to be getting away with theft and well I was fond of a scrap with other boys so the gang felt I would be better put to use relying on my fists and a cudgel than on my fingers. I was for a few years an enforcer sir, I’m not proud of the violence and fear I wielded then. On the side I was a prize fighter … A good one too if such a thing exists in reference to men who fight for money. Not that I ever saw any money of course the gang took that when I won and when I lost … well then they took my screams and covered the floor of their cellar with my blood.

I was seventeen when I finally grew sick of wearing all the bruises for the fights and seeing none of the reward. I finally decided to challenge my fight manager … I did not come off well. My fight manager had friends, they had weapons. I was left bleeding in an alley. I probably would have died if Navy press gangers hadn’t saved me. They had me fixed up and then I was taken onto a ship and put to work. It was the start of some of the worst years of my life.

Whilst the experience helped me appreciate order and regimen it was also terrifying and when I showed my terror painful. The officers on that ship had quite the technique for flogging ribbons into the backs of those men who did not reach the standard expected of a ‘Brit in the royal navy’ Plus I found, English … gentlemen … liked to give Irish men like myself that bit of extra kicking. I served in the navy for a time until I was offered an escape.

My salvation came after I saved a young officer during an engagement with pirates. After I had taken a bullet for him he began to take a shine to me … visiting me often in the night and calling on me to join him after duties were done for the day. To teach me to read … and talk properly. He spoke of how he’d find me a proper position after the navy ship concluded it’s commision and I was once again free. I didn’t believe him of course but it did make me work hard to be worthy of position.

Will...iam … That was the officer's name … William Montbrone, he later became a Baronet. Well it came to pass that he was not lying and he brought me onto his father's staff. As a footman at first but by the time he retired from active Naval duty I was sufficiently qualified to take up position as his valet. I after all having earned his trust all those years before. Sadly the Baronet died a month or so ago and whilst his father was kind enough to keep me on I knew that he did it out of loyalty and not because he needed a second valet. It was clear that I was most definitely unneeded and as such when I saw your advertisement I was eager to apply.

As My references can attest I am fluent in a few european languages Thanks to Sir William. I hope you find me a fitting servant sir , despite the shameful history I have revealed.
Referred by Laura
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